So I am finally doing this…

My friends and loved ones won’t believe it. It took a little inspiration in the form of the new Cocoro Lemon Summer 2009 Collection. Cocoro Lemon is the designer for *CoCo*, one of the hottest shops in SL. She is possibly best known for her open fly jeans, which are oh so sexy, but all of her designs have a certain flair to them that can only be described as je ne sais quoi (thanks for the perfect phrase Ana). Her new collection is stunning and in keeping with her design fame to date. It took a little editing to fit my apparently more voluptuous than the norm figure, but I think when all was said and done then new pieces look fabulous …

*COCO* Cutout Prom Dress w/ Clutch Bag (Black) viewed from front, back and close up on the clutch.

For me this experience was like the first time a young movie actress gets to go to the Oscars for the first time. There was glamor, there was glitz, there was even a soundtrack. There were top models & SL celebrities, such as Anessa Stine. (You may know Anessa from any one of her many undertakings in SL or several, such as SXY2ND Magazine, where she is the Editor-in-Chief, her role as a model for UVogue Agency, MAD Agency, Modavia, Boulevard, and RUNWAY Magazine. She was also Vain Inc. Reader’s Choice Female Model of the Year. She is known as “That SHOE Girl…” for her role as a top shoe sleuth on, one of the best blogs on SL shoes you are likely to find and the principle blogger, photographer and model for Dave Casenova’s clothing store, ♦ DCNY ♦ Clothing Co. Oh and she even runs a night club in SL. You could honestly say that it is hard not to know of Anessa, and if you don’t at this point you are probably asking yourself which beach you got stuck at sticking your head in the sand. What wasn’t wonderful about this show for me? Well … nothing … even the classic, have-learned-to-expect-it-at-big-events, lag couldn’t ruin such a special event for me.

These two women, along with Cocoro’s generous gift of her time and a preview of her new clutch purse were the final push I needed tor force me last little bit into publicly opening my mouth on SL Fashion. And by publicly I don’t mean my usual shout across a crowded gathering, “Hey, btw, those are great pants, shoes, bracelets, etc. Do you mind telling me where you got them?” or “Oh, you like my cleavage? It is Ayumi cleavage. The best thing since the real boob :D” What I mean is sharing my quirky, pixel-shy, latex loving, sense of style and my love of SL designers. To me SL Fashion is art, it is a passion, and it is something that brings me great joy to share and talk about … so without further adieu lets talk about the New Releases from *COCO*.

Here is a quick sample of her lovely designs in the GION Collection 2009 (Click on any of the pics to get a larger view and the full description of what is worn in the picture or here for the link to the entire set of pictures i took of this incredible collection.) I have paired the clothes with my all time favorites, Stiletto Moody Impossibly High Stilettos, both old (Ingrid in Taupe) and new (Katherine in black with the accessory upgrade Pack2). I went with a simple but elegant new hair from Maitreya called Bo in charcoal and the classic ponytail style from Analog Dog called Ani in black, wore a selection of glamorous and simple skins from the []::Tuli::[] Hope line of skins, the sunkissed with black brows called Gala and Gig, which I chose as always to enhance with [ AYUMI ] Cleavage. I chose to accessorize with small amounts of jewelry from :+*R*+: Jewelry, who was featured in the show, a simple glove manicure from *Reale* in snow and the now beloved clutch purse from CoCoRo herself :D, soon to be released. Enjoy…

Composite Photo showing the front, back and side views.

*COCO* Cover-Up Coat & Side-Tie Bikini (Black & White) front, back and side views.

*COCO* Hooded Parka, Side-Tie Bikini, and Marine Shorts (White & Navy)

*COCO* Hooded Parka, Side-Tie Bikini, and Marine Shorts (White & Navy) front and back views.

*COCO* Hooded Parka, Side-Tie Bikini, and Marine Shorts(White & Navy & Orange) front and back views.

GION Collection 2009 - *COCO* Cutout Prom Dress (Brown) viewed from back.

*COCO* Cutout Prom Dress (Brown) viewed from back.

GION Collection 2009 - *COCO* Cutout Prom Dress (Brown) viewed from front.

*COCO* Cutout Prom Dress (Brown) viewed from front.

GION Collection 2009 Exclusive ~ *COCO* Maxi Dress ~ Leopard

GION Collection 2009 Exclusive ~ *COCO* Maxi Dress ~ Leopard

The Illustrious *CoCo* Black Clutch

The Illustrious *CoCo* Black Clutch

Thank you to all my family, friends, and loved ones for encouraging me to blog … don’t blame me if you have created a monster… and thanks to the ladies mentioned earlier for their help as well… the mistakes in this blog are for sure my own and anything that I get right, I am sure that I owe to one of the aforementioned kind souls. Hope anyone reading this will check back for more of my crazy thoughts, styles, rants or raves… future possibilities include pieces on Anais Designs and how wonderful the clothes are for mix and match, the new *Reale* Cristallina dress (in pink of course because it was a group gift!), new skins from [ AYUMI ], my delayed 4th of July Costume Chest (I put together 5 different outfits for the 4th and need an excuse to wear them all.), with any luck I can do something on Sienia Trevellion and her innovative and humorous designs, and maybe just maybe I might tell you guys about my new passion for Latex Fashion πŸ˜€ and all the slick designers in which of late I have been relishing…

**Note** Something I didn’t realize about Cocoro until I profile perved her at the show, her Rez day is the day before mine πŸ˜€ 10/6/2008. October 2008 SL births a sign of greatness? Who knows but I sure hope so.


3 thoughts on “So I am finally doing this…

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  2. 1.omg! About time you did it
    2. Love the style and feel of the blog
    3. I LOVE that prom dress!!!
    4. I saw Aisling’s tushie πŸ˜›

    • Khloe, my little bird, I am so glad you love the blog. And you know I couldn’t do it without your support and encouragement. As far as my tushie, come talk to me anytime you want to see it. We can negotiate. πŸ˜€

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