Grid Wide Hunts – Fewer would be better

Vain, Inc. Magazine posed the question in this months issue, “Grid Wide Hunts? Please Stop!, Fewer would be better, or LOVE’EM Keep’em comming!” I have to say that I agree with the majority here (52% of the submitted votes say fewer would be better.). So here are my thoughts on the grid wide hunts and hunts in general:

Grid Wide Hunts – Fewer would be better

I love this truly wonderful way to explore the grid. Full stop.

However the size and breadth of the hunts is becoming insane, as is the size of my inventory. Some of the gifts are more cumbersome than good and there seems to be little to no screening going on prior to the start of the hunt.

I would love to see the hunts be more selective, run for a set month for a specific occasion, have a theme and require creators to stick to it, have no more than 50-100 of the top design ideas and creators with interesting locations to explore on the actual hunt. Hunt organizers should see each hunt prior to the selection and / or start of the hunt, to make sure they are up to the creators best.

Focusing on quality not quantity is the key here.

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