Summer Choice 2009 … Choice is back!

Summer Choice 2009 Header

My 1st experience with a Choice Grid-wide Event…

…was back in December 2008, the Winter Choice 2008 event, when I was still new to SL and had never been on any form of hunt before. This was where I discovered some of the stores that to this day are still favorites of mine. The event was simple and easy to figure out how it worked, the gift choices were wonderful, and it was my first real dose of SL Shopping Exploration. OH MY GOSH!!! Winter Choice 2008 Created a MONSTER. Oh well, never you mind, what is done is done… and the rest as they say is history. So what is different in this event from the traditional treasure hunt?

How It Works

To call a Choice event a “hunt” is a misnomer. They work a little differently than the traditional treasure hunt.

  • You can get a Choice! stamp card when you buy a Choice! identified item. The card will be included with what you buy. (As far as I know, some stores include the cards in all items, other stores only choose part of their range of products as Choice! identified items, but please remember, it’s each store owner’s choice. Every participating store includes a stamp card in at least one product sold over L$100.) You must have a stamp card to participate. Some vendor participants are already distributing these cards.
  • Attach the card (either to any position of your body or to your HUD is okay)
  • Visit all Choice! stores with all these cards draped over every spare attachment point on your body and HUD. You do not have to visit the stores in a particular order, but you do need to visit and get stamps from all the stores to complete your stamp collecting quest.
  • At each store you must touch one of the posted Choice! stamping machine to stamp your card. It’s free, no charge, and the machines are usually in pretty plain sight. SPECIAL NOTE: Be sure to check all your cards for the stamp before you leave and go on to the next place. I found last year that I had to revisit several places, because the stamp did not take the first time.
  • When you have filled all your stamp slots (it must have 20 stores’ stamps on it), you can exchange your full, stamped Choice! stamp card for one of your favorite prizes available at the Choice! Event Hall. NOTE: No matter where you get a card. You can choose any prize you want.

Helpful Information On The Cards

  • Choice! Stamp card is transferable, so you can give one or several to your friend or friends and enjoy the Choice! event together.
  • You can even give your friend(s) completed Choice! stamp card(s) as an easy and great gift. They will be able to choose from the same great gifts you could.
  • There is an exchange time limit. You will have a week after the event is closed to exchange the cards for gifts.
  • If your client crashes, it sometimes destroys also your attached cards’ data. This can cause your stamps on the cards to vanish. Contact the staff at Choice! pavilion for the fix.

There Are 20 Participating Creators:

Visit for full details on Summer Choice 2009

Visit for full details on Summer Choice 2009

**All notes and information are either taken from the (C)2009 Choice!/Project CSR page or from my personal experience.


2 thoughts on “Summer Choice 2009 … Choice is back!

  1. ok….I am started and already met the owner of iTuTu who not only sold me stuff she does not sell…she gave me stuff too 🙂 what a warm talented soul….onto the next store!

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