Starlust Elliot Sim Is Open

As of 5PM SLT on Friday the 17th of July, the new Starlust sim, simply called Elliot, was opened. The sim build consists of three main areas, XO Swamp, St. Ides Heaven Carnival Junkyard, and Shooting Star Pet Cemetery, and is a dark and seedy and eerily romantic. It is a perfect place for creepy / gothy pics and is a truly great sim all around, if you just like to explore. Stephen King fans, there is no way you can pass this place up. I would place it in the company of great Second Life must-see-places like the Rainytown Creamshop sim and pretty much all of the AM Radio / Rezzables Sims. For a sneak peek, click here to check out the video (totally worth the click the video is kick @$$) posted on Flickr by Random Noir, the builder of this amazing sim, and click here to see my own Flickr Set of pics, taken by me and my friend, Sienia Trevellion, owner of a store on Elliot, called Agent Orange.

The Newest Starlustland Sim - Elliott!_024

St. Ides Heaven Carnival Junkyard @ the Newest Starlustland Sim - Elliott!

Agent Orange Satelite Store @ Elliot

Agent Orange Satelite Store @ Elliot

Another added bonus of this sim is that there are loads of gifts scattered through the sim. You can find groupings of freebies and dollarbies in the three main areas. There are also freebies inside various shops. Rumor has it that some designers have more than a gift (inside the shop or outside in the sim). The tip I heard was to “check every corner, rock or spooky tree … to get the gifties!!!”

Take a friend to explore. I did, and look at the great pose we found. My friend Hermes Andel is such a good sport. He is so good about humoring my desires to jump on every silly fun or raunchy pose ball we pass. And I can always count on him to laugh or take one for the team and pose with me.

Hermes takes one on the chin for the team

Hermes takes one on the chin for the team

This pose store was just across the way from Agent Orange and had some lovely, fun, inexpensive poses. For that matter the entire sim is just fun, from the poses like the one above to the horse heads mounted on the wall, below.

Cloppity McClop on the wall at Agent Orange

Cloppity McClop on the wall at Agent Orange

One last comment about Elliot and then I will get back to exploring, sorting inventory, and party planning. You will be tempted to only explore this sim with your settings on night, but don’t stop there. Make several passes of the place in all sorts of lighting conditions. The creators really out did themselves with the lighting. And anyone who knows me knows how much stock I put in lighting of a place, both the ambient lighting and my own personal settings. So that now said, I am off, slaving away working myself into an early grave … hmmmm, I wonder if they would make room to bury me in the Shooting Star Pet Cemetery, if I shop myself to death? Note to self must shop for burial plot later. Giggles. Oh well, I hope enjoy adventure, exploring and shopping in your Second Life (noone really enjoys inventory, unless there is a party involved.), I know I will in mine.

Lovely example of the soft lighting throughout the sim @ Elliot

Lovely example of the soft lighting throughout the sim @ Elliot

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4 thoughts on “Starlust Elliot Sim Is Open

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  2. Kaarl and I spent some time there almost two weeks ago, but we must go back and spend some more time, great writing and pictures!

    • Thanks! I totally agree. Rumor has it that Sienia’s store where I got your birthday gift may have been the original inspiration. Glad you like it.

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