My Brain-dead and Hair-brained Moment

Or how my hair-brained moment led me to meet one of the sweetest creators in SL, Launa Fauna, of =Elle F= Hair and Chai and Chai Nova Skins. Ever have one of those moments where you just do something so stupid that all you can do is smack yourself in the head and say, “Doh!” Well, I sure have, more than once. But sometimes, it isn’t that bad of a moment. I am becoming a master at turning stupidity into a positive. God help me, if I didn’t.

A little while back, at the Sin Skin 20L Close Out Sale, the sim kept having to be restarted / crashing. Hey that is what happens when everyone in SL tries to be at the same place at the same time. Oh well, what can you do? For me this meant getting booted next door to Chai Skins a few times. Sooooo not a punishment!

As I am looking around at these gorgeous creations, I notice a sign on the wall and low and behold, it is the hair I have been trying to find for months, ever since I saw a friend wearing in a billboard ad. The friend would have told me where the hair came from had I asked, but you know how it is when you get to see friends you adore but rarely get to see, no one is worried about, hey where did you get that hair you had on 1 month back.

Jude Hair Contact Sheet - 425 Pixel Version

Jude Hair Contact Sheet

Turns out the hair was =Elle F= Jude Hair (see above) by creator Launa Fauna. I rushed to get all the colors. I never can decide whether I am a blond, a brunette, a red head, white haired, or black haired, so I grabbed each of the four packs that covered these colors. Each one only 145L so quite a reasonable deal for the great style. Unbeknown to my superpowers of observation (Yeah Right!), there was a cute little post-it note added to the sign that said “Sale 145L All colors” and the sign had been linked so that when you bought one color, you were actually buying the fat pack. So what does this mean? It means each time I bought a hair color pack I actually got all of them.

Just as I was about to move on to the other cute hair that I saw, =Elle F= Cassandra Hair , savvy shopper that I am (LOL) that was pretty fast, Launa messaged me. She messaged me. Please keep in mind, I have just bought 4 fat packs of copyable non-transferable hair. She knows there is no way I could have really wanted to do this and yet she couldn’t have been any nicer than this:

[2009/07/20 19:08] Launa Fauna: Hi there, Aisling!
[2009/07/20 19:08] Aisling MacMoragh: Hi, I saw too late
[2009/07/20 19:09] Aisling MacMoragh: that you had the special.
[2009/07/20 19:09] Launa Fauna: Did you mean to purchase my hair that many times?
[2009/07/20 19:09] Aisling MacMoragh: I missed the special, I didn’t see the fat pack special sign until after I had already bought all the color packs I wanted.
[2009/07/20 19:09] Launa Fauna: If you tell me how many times you over purchased I’ll send you a refund .

Clearly she is doing every thing she can to look out for her customers, even when they are too unobservant to look out for themselves. The conversation went on for about another 10 minutes while we talked about her skins and hairs and what was to come from her lines. Never once did she say you’re an idiot and cant read or your mistake my benefit or any of the other sorts of comments or behaviors that could have come from her. The whole time she was concerned about customer service and keeping her clients happy and well cared for.

So, if you want cute hair and to know that you are supporting a great creator that offers great customer service, stop in at Launa Fauna’s =Elle F= Hair and be sure to check out her new line of skins she is releasing in the not to distant future, Chai Nova Skins. For updates see her blog, but in the mean time if you are interested in the older skins she is having a retirement sale more details on her blog page. The quick version is that there is a 199L$ Double-Shot Retirement! Sale on the current CHAI skin line. This sale will last until the new CHAI Nova line is ready to release.

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2 thoughts on “My Brain-dead and Hair-brained Moment

    • Thanks so much, Lizzy! I do, too. I tend to be a very loyal shopper. When something good happens to me with a store or designer, I like to spread the word so others can have similar experiences. I also feel justified in letting folks know about issues that I have had when I can honestly feel that I have rewarded good behaviors in the past.

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