Sales, Sales, Sales and More Sales – Part 1

Lots of sales this weekend and who doesn’t love a sale … they truly will be the death of me. Below is the first installment of the sales that i am planning on stopping by. There are more to come.

Aug 8 – 15, 2009
MudHoney AND Sugar Mill Moving Celebration
MudHoney Designs has moved to Sugar Mill and in celebration, both inventories have been marked to HALF OFF for the week of Aug 8th through the 15th!

August 7 – doesn’t say how long it will go so don’t wait
Magika 50% sale
Magika is coming out with new hair colors very soon! But for those you want to grab the old ones while they are still available should do it now. For the next few days, they will be having a 50% sale on ALL the hairstyles.

August 7
– They have put out some gifts! A just released color variation of the balloon dress! It is free for ::SUGARCUBE Members. Each ::SUGARCUBE branch has each exclusive color so you will want to look around at them all. The note card posted listed the following locations:

No Date Listed – Going on now
Piddle Hair Sale
Bru is working on new hairs for Pididdle! So until those are released, the old hairs will be discounted to 50L a color pack (includes 3 shades) and fat packs will only be 100L! The hair is moving upstairs so it will be more accessible.

August 7 – 12
Phoenix Rising – Frank’s Place 199L Sale

Phoenix Rising is cleaning house at FRANKS PLACE !!!!
EVERYTHING at $199L each. Some of the items they are selling for $199L are:

  • Natasja’s Seduction was 900L
  • Phoenix Resurrection was 1000L
  • Intentions was 650L

August 7-9
DIGIT DARKES—->Pink Sale! – All weekend! In the Pink Sample Shack. It is out with the old and in with the new! Lots of clothes in the New “Pink Sample Shack” All Discounted to clearance prices!

August 7 – Unspecified Date
Apple May Designs
Midsummer Night Sale!
A summer event that promises to be fun and not your traditional sale. There are items marked down to 75L. And each sale item spells out a secrete message. Collect the FIRST letter of each sale item’s name, unscramble the letters and figure out the message! Turn in this message and get a free gift. For example: If one of the sale items is named Apple May Designs – Tourist then one of the letters for your scramble would be the letter T.

To also make you suffer just a little bit more, they also hid letters on the AMD webpage (! You have to read the newest article and the letters will be apparent. They promise the letters will be obvious and more information (like hints) will also be available there. Once you have the letters from the website and the sale items, unscramble and send the secret message to Apple May on a notecard and she will send over your gift certificate for 195L. The first 10 people to complete the puzzle will receive a 500L gift certificate. *Please please do not IM her with the secret message, her IMs cap easily and your message might be lost!*

To ensure that each person actually participates in the event Apple will ask you a random question regarding the sale before sending over the gift certificate. She is doing this to prevent the event being abused.

Also she has put out this months free gift for having AMD in the picks section of your profile. If you don’t have it in there yet you can add it in and still receive this months free gift!

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