Sales, Sales, Sales and More Sales – Part 2

Second in the Sales, Sales, Sales, and more Sales Series for the weekend of August 7 – 9. See Sales, Sales, Sales, and More Sales – Part 1 HERE! These little clips are to help keep you up-to-date on all the great deals this weekend, because there seem to be a lot!

Analog Dog Sale!
Get your feet wet!! Most of the store at Analog Dog (affectionately known as AD) has been marked down with the exception of newer items. All items in the actual sale section (off to the right of the main vendors) have been marked down to 20L! Take note the shop has a different look and hair is now organized by length. Making shopping SOOOOO much easier. Also, each section has its own color demos.

No Specific time frame – Could end any time.
Anais Designs

Recently reduced prices at Anais Designs – Some of her top designs have been reduced by more than half. This is a permanent reduction for as long as she has them. She is working on new designs and will be bringing out new stuff soon. Next Post will have some of the cute designs that are on sale featured. Also there is a cute freebie dress at the front of the store as you go in.

August 8-16
Stylissimo Sale
In anticipation of their new releases Stylissimo has marked 50% off on all items from couture for ladies, model shapes for guys and girls, modelling/photography poses and luxury furnishings neo-baroque style. All furnishings are on sale too including the chandeliers. This store does actually have clothes for men guys.

LIMITED time! but the notice didn’t say how limited
Indyra Originals – 50% off retirement items
On the table also is a FREEBIE called Limited Edition Gift w/visit Fishnet Set-white. Be sure to find her subscribe-o-matic to keep up to date.Nice quality clothing to be found here. 143 items of clothing and shoes are to be retired from the mainstore permanantely. They have the NAUGHTY and NICE sides to the back of the GOING GOING GONE SALE Tent Room.  Find clothing AND shoes! Remember this is a LIMITED time! but the notice didn’t say how limited.

No word on how long
Calla Hair has 50% off sale on shapes and skins plus 3 Lucky Chairs. No word on how long.

Every Friday Midnight SLT to Saturday Midnight SLT – This is over for this weekend. I only included it to make you aware for next week.
Fifty Linden Fridays
Every Friday, a group of designers will place an item in the front of their main stores marked down for 50L. The item might be something from the store marked down, or maybe an exclusive, special item. Each week the designers and items will rotate. The items will be available from Midnight on Friday to Midnight on Saturday. This one is passed already but you may want to double check the stores just in case (Tiny Bird and Pig’s were still out when last I checked). But at least you know to keep an eye out for next weeks Fifty Linden Friday store list. If I get the notice of stores in time I will post it here again each subsequent week. Thanks to OMGWTF BBQ (of the backyard BBQ’s) for this incredible idea!

This weeks included the following store locations:

This is a Fawn @ Horst, Starlust Sim
Clawtooth by Clawtooth at Tableau
Tiny Bird
Pig Shop Main Store at Gaylord
Adore & Abhor
=HooT= Main Store

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