To Use Resize Scripts Or Not Use Resize Scripts…

… that is the question posed by Deviant Kitties Hairstyles in their latest post, Hair Options Pole found at They want to know whether you love them or hate them. Personally I hate resize scripts for hair and for most things prim related.

I am capable of editing my prim pieces and can do so without help. If you can’t, take a building class. I am no building genius , but I got the basics down so that I wouldn’t look like a noob wearing prim clothing. There is actually a free beginners building class at the Criss Museum on Wednesdays and Sundays at 1 PM SLT as well as many more in SL, if you care. Not to be a snob about this, but people who can’t manage that much, shouldn’t wear prim clothing or attachments. Make a copy before you start. Practice often. It is not that hard.

There are so many reason I say this so strongly. One big one is that rarely do I find that simply making a prim larger or smaller across the whole prim piece works for me. Usually it varies from prim piece to prim piece. Sometimes these pieces need to be shifted as well. Never so much is this true as when I deal with my hairs.

I don’t know, maybe I have a fugly shaped head or something, but most hairs don’t fit with out some form of tweaking. I really don’t want to have to click on exactly the prim that I want to edit and click this prim only and go up and down bit by bit. Talk about tedious, when the alternative is to edit linked parts in edit mode, switch prim by prim with a single click then drag smaller or bigger or twist just right. And that twisting and tweaking position is something the resize scripts rarely do for you and when they do they don’t do it well. There are some types of items this works great for but for me hair ain’t one of them. So Deviant if you have to put in resize scripts, don’t make it an either or, make it an addition.

I am resigned to this being a battle I will lose. Hopefully they will supply that middle ground or their goes an end to my ability to wear Deviant Kitties hair. It already takes me forever to modify them to fit my head because there is so much custom work that needs to be done. I can’t afford the time to work with resize scripts; there are just too many other great hairs out there. And if they all go this route, I look great bald. 😀

And please whether you agree or disagree with my opinion, please, please, please go vote. When a creator is kind enough to really care what her customer base prefers, support her / him. Don’t leave them hanging on just the opinions of a few. If you don’t vote don’t complain (you know I wanted to say the b-word here but refrained). I encourage you to vote Modifiable, No Resize Scripts.

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13 thoughts on “To Use Resize Scripts Or Not Use Resize Scripts…

  1. Since both options on that poll are for Modifiable, with or without the resize scripts, it seems perfectly fine to toss them in.

    The scripts only become a super nuisance when the hair isn’t modifiable. I’m cool with it if the individual prims can still be manually tweaked, and the scripts can be removed. And that’s exactly what modifiable with scripts would be.

    • That would be great if you never changed your shape, but unfortunately some people change their avatars shape and should not have to rebuy hair because their hair no longer has resize scripts allowing them to modify their hair to fit (since they removed them to cut down on the demand on the system to run scripts). If the scripts do not replace fully functional full modify prim by prim capabilities, I could almost live with it, if it were not for the fact that when most people are done they choose not to remove the scripts and thus contributing to the large number of scripts already being demanded of the servers to run.

  2. I, too, have very strong opinion about resize scripts. I am absolutely against them for the same reasons you cite.

    My problem is usually in the clothing attachment department, where for prim skirts I generally find myself editing linked parts and changing to local so the prim movements are in relation to their position and not the x, y, z grid. Then I end up moving, rotating, stretching, changing taper and various other restructurings, sometimes changing texture repeat and offset even, to get things to fit perfectly. NO resize script can do this. And why would you want it to? Who needs to be lagged by more scripts when all it does for you (poorly) is things that are available and simply done using the tools in the client?

    I have taught many a first day newbie how to adjust their prim hair successfully. As you know, all it takes is a little patience and practice. Moving a single prim incrementally with a resizer, not knowing which way is x y or z and generally needing a combination of movements, only to still not have the desired look, is far more patience-trying.

    Resize scripts are a scourge that should be wiped.

    • I completely agree and though have thought of the contribution to lag it did not come to mind at the time I was posting. Thanks for this useful addition to the reasons I don’t care for resize scripts. Further more what if you are on a Sim that doesn’t allow scripts. If scripts are used save them for something useful like color change.

  3. That was one of the most useless post’s i have seen…

    Quote: but people who can’t manage that much, shouldn’t wear prim clothing or attachments.

    So with other words, if you cant do scripts you shouldn’t use any either or whatever it is you use or cant build/make yourself.

    • Matilda I am sorry you felt this was useless. But I am glad you expressed an opinion. This is merely my opinion and encouraging others to express theirs in a way that is useful to getting designers feedback that allow them to satisfy the largest portion of their client base. It is a subject that has strong feelings on both sides. I wish I knew what your actual stance and the reasons for them were other than you don’t like my post.

  4. I voted modifiable with resize scripts. Why? Because I realize though I may be well versed on editing prims, that there are others who are not. This way those that want to edit the prims manually can delete the script and do so. Those that do not can use the script.

    “Not to be a snob about this, but people who can’t manage that much, shouldn’t wear prim clothing or attachments.”

    I think you have gone beyond snobbery with that statement, its bordering on ignorance. No one rezzed in SL the first time with knowledge of building or building classes. Or is told (god forbid) hey if you wanna wear prim attachments gotta take a building class. Everyone was new once.. being well versed on modifying prims for proper clothes fit takes time.

    Perhaps they should start offering tolerance training along with those building classes.

    • I agree, rarely does one come into SL knowing much about it at all. Nor is wearing prim clothing or fixing up your avatar a requirement to have a good time. Everyone does however come into SL with a library of helpful notecards provided by the Lindens on getting around in SL and doing things like building, things that can improve the experience people have in SL if they choose to use them. There are also a myriad of free classes and groups who help new avatars. As well as individuals. I fall in the latter category often, when the opportunity presents itself.

      Unfortunately though the same people you are talking about, who cannot complete editing tasks with out resize scripts, such as editing clothing or hair, rarely manage to figure out how to remove those scripts successfully from the prim piece. Even when instructions are followed, I have found that the scripts often fail to remove themselves and continue to pop-up regularly.

      As far as tolerance, I do have it. I spend mass amounts of time helping new people with adjusting to life in SL and helping them learn to deal with the environment and it’s challenges. Tolerance is a two way street and I respect your right to have a different opinion on this matter. I hope you would respect mine in interest of tolerance. As I said in the post originally, it matters more that people vote and express their opinions and let designers know what they they works, than to have people support my view.

      Personal responsibility is another thing I wish they taught classes on in SL, but I don’t see that happening either.

      Also if anyone is interested there is a helpful article and video tutorial on advanced attachment adjustment @

  5. Please note: Content creators were driven to using scripted resizing as a result of making their objects no mod as they attempted to keep copybotters at bay.

    • One further note though, making an object no mod does little to nothing to actually stop a copybotter. Someone who is going to steal your designs is going to use software which will allow them to rip the creation regardless of how careful you are with permissions.

  6. “One further note though, making an object no mod does little to nothing to actually stop a copybotter.” … it was effective against methods that relied on mod rights in order to drop ripping scripts into root prims .. which was how this all started.

    • But as there are now more effective, quicker ways that don’t rely on this the current practice of no mod does not make sense in the war against copybotters.

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