Quick Update on Deviant Kitty Polls

Deviant Kitties has a new poll. This idea I am strongly in favor of and have been voicing this opinion for months. It is with regard to color change options on hairs. DK wants to know which option would be most optimal to thier customers one that has one hair object per each color pack that you click to change the hair texture to any color that comes in the pack.

As someone who has constant battles with inventory, where hair is one of the biggest issues, this could be an enormous help! When I think of only one item in my inventory for what used to be anywhere from 4 to 80 items per hair style it makes me giddy. And just think how much easier it would make choosing the right hair. I am a big fan of this with hair even more so than with shoes. But completely love it with both.

I encourage you to vote no matter how you vote. Clearly, I hope you will be voting “I would like to see all colors from a color pack in one object with texture change,” but either way, please vote.


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About Ais

SL Fashionista cum wannabe blogger, born October 7, 2008. I answer to almost anything, but friends call me Ash. Please call me Ash, but I spell it Ais. Please come and enjoy my public airing of my crazy thoughts, styles, rants or raves on fashion, things and what not... And by public I don't mean my usual shout across a crowded gathering, "Hey, btw, those are great pants, shoes, bracelets, etc. Do you mind telling me where you got them?" or "Oh, you like my cleavage? It is Ayumi cleavage. The best thing since the real boob :D" What I mean is sharing my quirky, pixel-shy, latex loving, sense of style and my love of SL designers. To me SL Fashion is art, it is a passion, and it is something that brings me great joy to share and talk about.

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