Fifty Linden Fridays – Week 4

So just when you thought 50L Fridays couldn’t top last week; it does! So what is 50L Fridays you say? Well every Friday, a group of designers will place an item in the front of their main store marked down for 50L. The item might be something from the store marked down, or maybe an exclusive, special item. Each week the designers and items rotate. The items will be available from 12:01 am SLT on Friday until 11:59pm SLTFriday on . You can get the items by following the SLURLs in this post.

50L Fridays: Week 4

50L Fridays: Week 4

My favorite way to do this is to start a group chat with all your friends interested in the 50L Friday Designs, then copy and past the below SLURLs in the group chat. That way everyone has the links. This week, the designers are:

Below you will find this weeks previews of the hunt gifts in case you only want to stop places that have gifts that interest you. I got almost one of everything. This is rare for me because of this project’s variety there is something for every style.

Two from This is A Fawn. The Caulfield Dress in Plaid and Fawn Tee.

50L Friday.This is Fawn

50L Friday.This is A Fawn.Caulfield Dress – Plaid
50L Friday.This Is Fawn.Fawn Tee

50L Friday.This Is A Fawn.Fawn Tee

The Meggasuc Vacuum from RC Cluster is just too cute. When I get home tonight, I am planning on putting on my Latex French Maid outfit, cranking the Gloria Gaynor I Will Survive and singing along… later I might revert to my 50s housewife outfits from [AV], but definitely starting with the French Maid outfit. And yes this was a dare… I even sprung for the extra 50L and got the fat pack with all the colors.

50L Friday.RC Cluster Meeggasuc Plus Vaccum in Brown

50L Friday.RC Cluster Meggasuc Plus Vacuum in Brown

So Reek brings us the NES Necklace. If you are into 80s music and showing it this is so your thing.
50L Friday.Reek NES Necklace

50L Friday.Reek NES Necklace

Tiny Bird brings a great new hair to us this week called I hate camera, and it is offered in 3 shades, Nutmeg, Chestnut, and Stein Silver. And even though once again Tiny Bird maybe my favorite 50L design for the week she is over shadow this week (she overshadowed herself). “How?” you say. Because she is co-hosting the Poop Hunt, to be blogged latter today. She has 9 different FREE gifts. Yes that is right FREE! Along with many other vendors on the Festival sim. Word of warning be careful where you step. The offerings from Tiny Bird include hair, skins and other surprises. Below I show the 50L Friday hair, I hate camera, along with the 3 skins on the hunt, Starlight by Aut 1,2, &3. (From left to right they are Starlight by Aut 3 with I hate camera in Nutmeg, Starlight by Aut 2 with I hate camera in Chestnut, Starlight by Aut 1 with I hate camera in Stein Silver.)

Poop Hunt 09 & 50L Friday.Tiny Bird I Hate Camera Hair & Starlight Skins By Autumn

Poop Hunt '09 & 50L Friday.Tiny Bird I Hate Camera Hair & Starlight Skins By Autumn

Got to love the S&S Dress in Dark Pink that is *katat0nik* offering this week. How sassy! Maybe I won’t be wearing the French Maid outfit after all … hmmm…

50L Friday.*katat0nik* (dk pink) S&S Dress

50L Friday.*katat0nik* (dk pink) S&S Dress

Half way through the list and there is another incredible dress from Pididdle. The dress is called Pididdle Denim Mini Dress and it is in a lovely rose color. And not only does this design work great as a dress it also looks really hot with your favorite pair of jeans for the dressed down casual look.

50L Friday.Pididdle Denim Mini Dress

50L Friday.Pididdle Denim Mini Dress

Epoque is offering the ideal accessory to go with several of the other offerings this 50L Friday. Yes, gigantic vintage (YAY! \o/) Oversized Shades.

50L Friday.Epoque Vintage|wear Oversized Shades

50L Friday.Epoque Vintage|wear Oversized Shades

The next two designs I do not yet have a picture of but when I get home and have a chance to photograph the items I will post the designs for these two.

Tyranny Designs – The gift is not inside the store when you land turn around and walk a few meters into the sim. I actually didn’t even wait for this to rez, just bought and ran because I love Tyranny Designs so much I just know it will be good.

Smudge is not only participating in the Poop Hunt along with Tiny Bird but may possibly the sweetest designer in SL. It is so hard to say there are so many really wonderful people creating content in SL.

Last and certainly not least is Adore & Abhor. Who I adore for their designs and Abhor what they do to my pocket book. Do you think that is what they meant when they named the store? Nah, probably not. Well Adore & Abhor brings us their Ski tt leLicious Dress. And yes it does come with all those colors. That is 9 colors (including black and white), angel wings, and a cameo accent for 50L. Well it is 50L Friday after all but that is a heck of a bargain if you ask me.

50L Friday.Adore & Abhor SkittleLicious Dress

50L Friday.Adore & Abhor SkittleLicious Dress

That is it for 50L Fridays this week. Enjoy. Thanks to all the creators / designers for their inspired hard work. Also thanks to those same individuals for their pictures. All but the pictures of the Tiny Bird skins and hair are from the original creators either on flickr, distributed through notecard or attachment to notice or a picture of their display in world.


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