The Poop Hunt: It’s The $hit

Poop Hunt ’09: Now with even more FREE SHIT!!

I swear that is what the sign says! IT IS ON!!! August 28th thru September 4th Come and get dirty( Here is the rest of the signs info:

Long Awkward Pose [LAP], Tiny Bird, & the Festival Sim are so freakin’ proud to bring back the most awesome, most amazing, most super, most everything hunt that ever was born unto the grid. (August 28th thru September 4th) Only on Festival!
They’ve added more nuts to the mix this year: Mudhoney, Chikka Design, DECO, zut!, Moonshine, Masquerade Parade, This is fawn, Elate!, Vagabonds, Pig, Sweet Antidote, Smudge, & more!

Poop Hunt Official Sign Showing What To Look For

Poop Hunt Official Sign Showing the Hunted Poop Pile

I recommend you start at Tiny Bird ( and pick up her 50L Friday super buy as well. Then take your time and look everywhere. You are going to have to move your avatar as well, because some of the little rolls of toilet paper and piles of poop don’t rez until you get close …. ewwww sometimes you almost have to , dare I say it, step in it to be able to rez the gift containers. Quick pic of the free skin from Tiny Bird and the 50L Friday hair she has out.

Poop Hunt 09 & 50L Friday.Tiny Bird I Hate Camera Hair & Starlight Skins By Autumn
Poop Hunt ’09 & 50L Friday.Tiny Bird I Hate Camera Hair & Starlight Skins By Autumn

One of the best things about this hunt, There Are A Ton Of Gifts For The Guys!!! That’s right you heard me. Men you WANT to do this hunt. Not only are there gifts there are GREAT Gifts. Incredible looking hair, clothing and jewelry to name a few. Check out Dove & Law’s photostream and the Poop Hunt Set for some previews of the ground breaking gifts for men and those for women as well. You can even see what a fun time they all had with throwing $hite around the sim 😀 and I do mean that literally.

My Favorite Mens Outfit From The Poop Hunt Set

My Favorite Men's Outfit From The Poop Hunt Set

None of my own pictures yet, as I did this hunt while I should have been sleeping and actually have to work some today. But there will be, just hopefully before the hunt is over :D.

Final tip: <Ctrl>+R puts you in wire mode and definitely helps. To take yourself out of wire mode repeat <Ctrl>+R.


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