Shaken Not Stirred

That’s right! I take my martini just like Bond, James Bond. Shaken not stirred, with a twist of lemon. But for those of you who like yours dirty, I can do that, too. All this thanks to delicate skins, great dresses, and incredible accessories from 5th&Oxford.

Aisling & Kaarl enjoy their martinis shaken not stirred

Aisling & Kaarl enjoy their martini's shaken not stirred

Roslin Petion and CJ Carnot from 5th&Oxford have out done themselves with their Summer Cocktails Collection, which frankly isn’t limited to summer at all. It is really exciting to see a designer or team of designers in this case go all out with a theme. Staring with the skin… and finishing with not just the attached accessories but the actual environment accessories.

The Skin:

5th&Oxford Summer Cocktail Mini Dress In All Colors

5th&Oxford Summer Cocktail Audrey Skin 5 in Medium

Summer Cocktail Audrey is the name of the skin and the one shown here is Summer Cocktail Audrey 5 Medium Black. The skins, overall, have a very delicate makeup with the most striking change coming in the lipstick shade. One might even call the over all skin makeups refreshing since we are talking of summer cocktails. There are many options in the lighter lip colors (6 makeups in all) and there are three skin tones available to choose from – Fair, Medium & Tan – plus the full range of brow colors so anyone can wear these. For my photos, I have chosen the darkest red lip color (5) of the collection, because I want something luscious and lickable that any bond girl would be proud to wear. I paired that with the medium skin tone and brow brows. For me this was the most natural and comfortable choice, because this is closest to the shade I normally wear. Really pleased with the result particularly in photographs. All my photos are taken in the standard windlight settings and the only editing is in cropping to combine them into a single shot.

The Outfits:

5th&Oxford Summer Cocktail Mini Dress In All Colors

The Summer Cocktail Mini Dress is cute but not my favorite of the two… For the girl who likes to show more skin it is perfect,and the tops look GREAT combined with summer casual shorts or jeans. My favorite pair of jeans to pair the top with is the jeweled jeans from Zaara. This piece is easy for someone with little experience with editing prim clothing because there is only one prim piece and it is the simple one for the skirt – very easy to work with. Another perfect pairing for both this dress and the second one are the Empress High Heels from Kalnins. The heels are color changing and there is a perfect color match for each of the 6 jewel like colors in which the dresses come – Red Crush, Cosmo (Vibrant Pink), Purple Haze, Blue Lagoon, Appletini (Green), and Cheeky Monkey (Yellow) .

5th&Oxford Summer Cocktail Dress In All Colors - Click on pic for details

5th&Oxford Summer Cocktail Dress In All Colors - Click on pic for details

This second dress is my favorite of the two; the Summer Cocktail Dress. It is a bit more modest … a bit more versatile … has a surprisingly well done linden skirt … comes in all the same great colors and has only three relatively easy to fit prim attachments. I felt more comfortable next to a man in a white dinner jacket in this one than I did in the less covered Mini Cocktail Dress. The same shoes matched perfectly because the colors are identical to the Mini Cocktail Dress, and the top portion once again goes great with jeans, summer casual shorts, or even slacks. LeLutka’s Olimpia Pants, particularly in black, go great with the top half of this this dress.

The Bar:

Shaken Not Stirred Cocktail Party

Shaken Not Stirred Cocktail Party

Who can have a cocktail party with out the perfect bar. Not me! Good thing that Roslin & CJ didn’t miss a thing. They have come up with this stylish retro bar that completely works with contemporary designs as well. They have made it color change to match the colors of the dress, both on the front of the bar and the stools (see first article picture for the front view of the bar and bar stools). My hat is tipped to them because they really did think of every thing needed for the perfect Cocktail Bar For the perfect Summer Cocktail Party.

Shaken Not Stirred Cocktail Party - Pic shows the accessories on the bar

Shaken Not Stirred Cocktail Party - Pic shows the accessories on the bar

They have provided drink glasses both full and empty; martinis and highballs. The bar is stocked with empty glasses for that authentic feel and they have provided a shaker to the bar owner that actually shakes up your cocktails, just the way that I like them. When I say shakes it up, I mean it really shakes and makes noise and when you are done shaking, it lets you hand out the drinks to your guests. When you or your guest wear one of the glasses it has really well done drinking animations and the glass actually drains down and tells you when you need another round. Our photo shoot was taking so long that I decided to set out extra martinis waiting in the wings for Kaarl (also provided in the set) so he didn’t go thirsty while I was busy taking the pictures. I even set out a highball for myself, because I knew that it was going to be a long night.

The War:

Kaarl, My 007, in the Columbian Tux from Blaze, the Top in White and Bottom in Black

Kaarl, My 007, in the Columbian Tux from Blaze, the Top in White and Bottom in Black

When we were all done with the party I handed out the extra soda syphons provided in the kit and we let 007 (Double Oh Seven), a.k.a. Kaarl, practice his kill shots and take advantage of his license to kill. Yes, that is right, the syphons provided with soda water can be used as weapons; however, I refuse to show you the wet dog photos that resulted after Kaarl doused me like I was entering a wet t-shirt contest and the man with the license to kill that he is. Thank God that the soda syphons have limited sprays (if you take them off and wear them again though they recharge) so he eventually had to stop dousing me. And no, I did not enlighten him as to how you refill the soda. LOL. I am not crazy. At least not when it comes to that, I am crazy about every thing in this Summer Cocktail Party set.

This entire set has inspired a lovely Martini Glass Pose Set and Accessories like nothing I have seen in world yet. I will be blogging this tempting treat from oOo Studios when I return from vacation in the tail end of September. This is where the dirty martini comes into play. 😀





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    • Thanks, Dancer. It was loads of fun reviewing these products! I am glad it provided further entertainment beyond that. 😀 And thank you for making it through the length. There was just so much worth talking about in 5th&Oxford’s release.

    • LOL. Yeah, the siphons are a blast to play with… Ivan and Sienia and I drug them out the other night and the burst was so powerful that I actually blew Ivan off the platform when I caught him by surprise. Roslin and CJ really out did themselves.

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