I’m Back…

And I wanted to start by showing one of my favorite Rebel Hope outfits. It is called Amy and is an excellent replica of the dress that Amy Lee of Evanescence wore in the Call Me When Your Sober video (seen here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=izYIO9VtjUs). Honestly, if anything, Rebel‘s design makes the dress look even better than Amy Lee did – hard to believe, I know.

Reble Hope Outfit #1 - Amy - Click picture for outfit details

Reble Hope Outfit #1 - Amy - Click picture for outfit details

I was super impressed with Rebel‘s attention to detail on this dress. It was my first and honestly remains my favorite. I can wear it with a variety of hairs and a variety of shoes, but I wanted to get as close to the video in displaying this one as I could.

Reble Hope Outfit #1 - Amy Close Up

Reble Hope Outfit #1 - Amy Close Up - Click picture for outfit details

My second featured outfit, Clara Bow, is one that I loved so much I actually bought it twice. Delivery problems, when the Lindens first took over XStreet, caused the outfit not to deliver in time for a party for which intended to wear it. I sent Rebel a note card, but she wasn’t online (guess it is OK for creators to have Real Lives :D) . It was the perfect outfit, and, since it was a must have, I decided I couldn’t wait till Rebel got on. I bought it a second time for the party. Now just so you know, Rebel was amazing. She responded right away and assisted with the delivery issue in lightening speed before she ever even made it back in world. Alas, I too was speedy.

Rebel Hope Outfit #2 - Clara Bow - Flapper

Rebel Hope Outfit #2 - Clara Bow - Flapper - Click picture for outfit details

The details in this outfit again blew me away. She actually included jewelry, and hair accessories and a boa. I am not wearing the jewelry, however. She even went so far as to include a notecard with history about the design influences and about the history of flappers. I have only had two other designers do this and let me tell you, every time it impresses me.

Rebel Hope Outfit #2 - Clara Bow - Flapper Close up

Rebel Hope Outfit #2 - Clara Bow - Flapper Close up - Click picture for outfit details

Now it wasn’t in the notecard Rebel sent, but when I saw this outfit, it reminded me of an episode of Charmed. You know the one, Charmed: Pardon My Past, they go into the past and Alyssa Milano‘s character, Phoebe, is evil in her past life, not to mention a flapper. It reminded me so much so of that outfit that I tried to match the hair and shoes to that particular look that they used in the episode. Now I know when you watch the trailer their are not exact similarities, but I had not seen the show in years when I saw the outfit and was going off of vague memories of the program, so cut me a little slack when you watch the video linked above.

So that is it for this first post back. There will be more tonight for my return to blogging the 50L Fridays, a personal passion of mine. The list of stores looks fun once again with some old favorites and some new comers, so check back late tonight / early tomorrow for the inside scoop.

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