Reclaim The Pieces Of Your Shattered Soul

Hunts are a big part of what people do to entertain themselves in Second Life and for me there is no better time for scavenger hunts than October. As a kid, October was when we did most of our hunts, and they were almost always Halloween themed. Evie’s Closet, Balderdash Frippery, and Winx Home, the stores of the Oubliette sim are hosting the Pieces of You Hunt during the  entire month of October.

The twist on this particular hunt is special and sets it a bit apart from most you have undertaken in the past. There is the traditional part which is there are purples treasure chest scattered throughout Oubliette, 12 of them. But there is a back story to this hunt. It turns out to begin the hunt you must join the hunt group (not optional like it is for some hunts), which costs you 88L. Your soul is then ripped from your body and shredded into 12 parts. I told you there was a twist to this one.

At this point you have no choice but to complete the hunt and regain your soul … and along the way as you by back the parts of your soul found in each of the 12 treasure chests (called boxes) you also get a gift. Now each box costs 1L and there are 12; so, it will cost you 12L more to become whole again. OK, this is starting to sound like a MasterCard commercial:

  • Joining the Pieces of You Hunt Group88L
  • Buying back the 12 boxes that contain the shredded pieces of your soul – 12L
  • Getting your soul back intact and incredible booty along with it – 100L total
  • Exploring a gorgeous sim that you will want to come back to again and again when the hunt is over – Priceless

I think you will find given the rewards (again a bad MasterCard reference that was completely unintended) that this is a very reasonable price. Just one of the prizes is in the ball park of 500-800L, if Evie were selling it in her shop. Also the money you spend on this hunt is going to defray the cost of the sim, currently born by the owner’s. Since this sim under normal conditions is an incredible place to go and take photos that reason alone makes it worth doing the hunt.

The sim is beautiful and a joy to explore. Right now though, it is a bit crowded so engage in all the standard tricks you use to lower your lag. Try searching at off hours (The Europeans and Asians will have a much easier time completing this hunt due to traffic based on my observations.) Be kind to your fellow hunters, don’t shout out locations of prizes. I hunted last night and the lag basically took me down before I could finish or even get off the sim, but when I hunted this morning I was able to finish up the remaining half of the hunt that I had yet to complete in record time. OK, so it wasn’t record time but it was very reasonable.

When you are ready to start the hunt you need to go to, this is the Oubliette sim. The notecard that explains all the above is written like a fairy tale, which only adds to the allure. And it also demonstrates what a wonderful sense of humor the organizers of this hunt have. Here is the text:

While wandering through the place of lost things, you stumble into some beautiful old ruins, and come face to face with a Restless Spirit.

She moves around you, drawing her cold fingers down your spine, and whispers ancient incantations. Giddiness takes over, and as you stumble to the ground, you feel a sharp tug deep inside… With the spirit’s laughter ringing in your ears, you fall into darkness.

Time passes, and when you wake, the wicked Spirit taunts you, telling you that she’s taken your essence, your soul, torn it to pieces, and hidden them around the Sim. You can have them back… (And a buttload of great prizes) …..if you can find them.

*insert some imaginary creepy music here and try to look shocked*

Now normally, I would hold this article, until I could take some pictures of the booty that I received as I reclaimed my soul, but there is no need. The pictures are already out there and very well done… so here are the pretty pictures and where I found them.

From Luna Jubilee‘s blog found at (because I couldn’t make the dresses look any more beautiful than she already has):

*Evie’s Closet* – Aventine Gown

*Evie’s Closet* – Aventine Gown


*Evie’s Closet* – Aventine Babydoll Dress

*Evie’s Closet* – Aventine Babydoll Dress

Love those Bax Coen boots and fishnets stockings!

From Whimsey Winx’s Flickr:

Winx-Fall Bulletin Board

Winx-Fall Bulletin Board

From Elizabeth Tinsley’s Flicker:

ET~Goblins on Parade Bracelet

ET~Goblins on Parade Bracelet

and 4 mix and match earings

ET~Goblins on Parade Earrings

ET~Goblins on Parade Earrings

Last but not least from the lovely article, Pieces of You Halloween Hunt at Oubliette from SL Hunts: Your one-stop shop for hunt info in Second Life , an extremely useful site to those of you who love to hunt:

Silver and Rich Red Heart Necklace and Earrings from Baulderdash

Silver and Rich Red Heart Necklace and Earrings from Balderdash

Happy Hunting!!

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  1. One Quick tip … If you have a lot of local chatter and can’t keep up with which number of boxes you have bought, use your SL transaction log. Each purchase shows up for 1L.

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