MEB Winter Collection 2009

The latest work of MariaElena Barbosa, creator of MariaElena Barbosa Stylish  Clothes, MEB Winter Collection 2009, released last Sunday, with one of the most, if not the most, professional Fashion shows I have ever seen in Second Life. The presentation was flawless the descriptions right on target, the sim performance tip-top (everything rezzed in time to see it before the models left the runway despite it being a Sunday). The show was at the Main Store for MEB and the presentation was done by Melusina Parkin, Melu for short.

MEB Winter Collection 2009 Invite

MEB Winter Collection 2009 Invite

I am sharing the designs as they were presented in the show along with the descriptions Melu shared with attendees a the end of this article. I missed getting a good picture on one of the outfits and have chosen to leave it out rather than poorly represent what was a lovely dress. I will note when that dress comes along in the show description. Before I show you the collection as a whole, let me show you one of the pieces that MEB was so kind to share with me for review. I need to tell you that every where I have worn this outfit I have been stopped and asked the details. It is one of those outfits that is even better to see live because of how the fabric moves around your avatar enhances the overall look of the garment.

MEB Harriet Outfit Composite

MEB Harriet Outfit Composite

The common inspirations for this collection was winter colors (blue, grey, black and white), warm fabrics that still remain light. This is seen best in the free movement of so many of the skirts. It makes you feel like you should be out celebrating something and showing off that bounce you have in your step that the holidays always bring. They even introduce what they term as “some brave nudity” with sleeveless sweaters, short sleeves for some jackets, and ball gowns with only one shoulder covered. If you want classy, sexy clothes and lingerie, this is a great place to stop this winter. One of the things that surprised me was the boot collection from MEB. I had no idea that they had such a wonderful collection of winter boots on the way, but let me assure you they do. Something that wasn’t in the show but worth checking out is MariaElena’s super-sexy fitted “Touch Me” jeans.

The collection is available MEB main store and will be out in their other shops very soon.

You can see the entire collection in my flickr set here: and below is the entire script from the show. Please excuse the translation. It is from Google translator as most of the show was in Italian, the native language of our wonderful presenter and lovely designer. Some was also in English so some of the descriptions are duplicates.

[14:13]  MELUSINA shouts: On our runway, managed by Jennyfer Miles, will run Ets Zessinthal and Vanina Ferraris, to show us the MEB WINTER 2009 COLLECTION, with the soundtrack by Willow Shelford (pls, check your stream out).
[14:14]  MELUSINA shouts: Tonight (it’s night in Italy!) there is another event, aside the presentation of a new collection: on the runway will be Jennyfer Miles, too.
[14:14]  MELUSINA shouts: Owner of the JEN model school, and designer of the exclusive JEN for MEB accessories line, she prefers to devote herself to teach young models, than coming on a runway.

[14:14]  MELUSINA shouts: Then we have for her special thanks, for her close friendship to MEB.
[14:15]  MELUSINA shouts: MEB Winter collection is made by 9 outfits, from casual to formal, through that urban style that is the special signature by MEB.
[14:15]  MELUSINA shouts: We’ll see on the runway outfits colored by cool winter colors, but they have the warmness of the wool, of the velvet, of the furs: MEB Winter is not cool in its heart, as you will see in the happyness of naked arms and deep necklaces.
[14:16]  MELUSINA shouts: Some outfits will be paired to the wonderful Suede MEB Boots, the last release of MEB Shoes, yet well known ’cause a lucky autumn boots line.
[14:16] MELUSINA shouts: Enough with the words, we applaud the first exit Vanina Ferraris with a complete ASPEN.
[14:16] MELUSINA shouts: A fantasy of gray, from shoes to the two-tone jacket and skirt in combed wool, is the secret of the complete ASPEN.
[14:16] MELUSINA shouts: One almost collegial style of disarming simplicity, however, enhanced by details such as the pretentious chain which orla hoses coat of arms, and above all by surprise nude
[14:17] MELUSINA Shouts: his jacket sleeve white shirt without sleeves and make ASPEN a suit that challenges the winter, but also suggests that the warm touch of the jersey with his neck.
[14:17] MELUSINA Shouts: To be worn every day for a look of great refinement in his sobriety.
[14:17] MELUSINA Shouts: The different tones of gray mix is the secret of the glamorous ASPEN, from the shoes to the two tones of the pure wool jacket and skirt.
[14:18] MELUSINA shouts: short sleeves and white sleeveless sweater make ASPEN an outfit Which defy the winter, keeping a taste of warmness in the turtle-neck sweater.
[14:18] MELUSINA Shouts: Jennyfer Miles presents POPSTAR
[14:18] MELUSINA shouts: Thanks Mia!
[14:18] MELUSINA shouts: A complete sophistication and aggressive, with its brown leather pants, short sleeve jacket in gray flannel worn on bare skin and originally scored very high under the bosom, by a belt decorated with metal.
[14:18] MELUSINA Shouts: To complete an original look and decided, soft suede boots anthracite, with implications of white jersey.
[14:19] MELUSINA Shouts: POPSTAR is the dress for the woman of strong character, able to challenge convention without giving up vanity.
[14:19] MELUSINA shouts: A sophisticated and aggressive elegance for this outfit, with its dark brown pants, the short gray wool worn in racket on the naked skin under the breast and marked by a metal decorated belt.
[14:19] MELUSINA Shouts: To complete an original and resolute look, soft gray suede boots, with white wool cuffs.
[14:19] MELUSINA Shouts: POPSTAR is made for a strong woman, who can defy conventions saving her vanity
[14:20] MELUSINA shouts: Thanks Jenny
[14:20] MELUSINA Shouts: Ets Zessinthal goes on the catwalk with CELEBRITY
[14:20] MELUSINA Shouts: elegant short jacket of vicuna light gray light, short sleeve, covers the mesh accollatissima powder blue track of Celebrity.
[14:21] MELUSINA shouts: But its peculiarity lies in the imagination of her skirt black ink, in whose folds in perpetual movement recognizes the image of the creative form that becomes decorative.
[14:21] MELUSINA shouts: A touch of absolute originality, which enhances the vanity of the wearer of this dress unique, signed in the same fantasy of the fabric.
[14:21] MELUSINA shouts: An elegant short cut jacket in pure wool cover the dull gray blue sweater of the CELEBRITY outfit.
[14:22] MELUSINA shouts: But its originality lays in the deep black skirt, its pleats hiding in the picture of the Creator, become a decorative pattern.
[14:22] MELUSINA Shouts: An absolutely original touch, to enhance the vanity of Whom is wearing this unique outfit, signed up in the same pattern of the texture.
[14:22] MELUSINA shouts: Thank Ets
[14:23] MELUSINA Shouts: Back on the catwalk Vanina, wearing FOGGY COAT
[14:23] MELUSINA shouts: A short coat of soft tissue and white mottled deep blue with the big plot is tight at the waist with a belt in white leather by the large gold buckle and black stone in pendant with suede boots adorned with white ice studs and trimmed lapel knitted pure white.
[14:23] MELUSINA Shouts: a slim cut and discreet, invisible buttons, the little collar FOGGY COAT make a coat from the discreet charm, to wear alone in the afternoons in town for a drink on the street or in the evening of cinema.
[14:25] MELUSINA shouts: A short coat in a soft white and light blue melange coarse weft fabric, marked on the waist by a white leather belt with a big golden buckle and black stoned, pairing the ice white boots, stud decorated and with wool cuffs.
[14:25] MELUSINA shouts: A tight and sober cut, invisible buttons, the small collar to make FOGGY glamorous coat, to wear alone, afternoons in the city, or cinema or even for a cocktail on the open air.
[14:25] MELUSINA shouts: Thanks Vanina
[14:26] MELUSINA Shouts: Jennyfer now proposing a complete which is the symbol of winter: ST. MORITZ
[14:26] MELUSINA Shouts: To the days of winter meets ST. MORITZ, with his pants clinging black leather, suede fringed boots and shirt decorated with studs, the white turtleneck sweater, and especially the jacket, mixed with wool fiber waterproof and insulating.
[14:26] MELUSINA Shouts: The cut is long, to cover the tip of the leg, drawing an irregular geometry gridded white on black. Around the neck and hem for a border of black fur to make it even more warm and elegant complete.
[14:27] MELUSINA Shouts: On the streets covered with frost or in the most trendy of ski resorts, ST. MORITZ walked with firm step of a complete high class and elegance.
[14:27] MELUSINA shouts: ST. MORITZ is the answer to deep winter days, by its close-fitting black leather pants, suede boots with the wool cuffs and embellished by studs, the white heavy wool turtle-neck wool sweater and its jacket.
[14:27] MELUSINA shouts: It shows a long cut, and an irregular white squared pattern on black background. Along the necklace and until The Edge, lays a black fur collar, making the outfit warmer and more comfy.
[14:27] MELUSINA Shouts: ST. MORITZ walks by its elegant and classy steady steps on The Streets covered by snow or ski in the trendiest places.
[14:28] MELUSINA shouts: Thanks Jenny
[14:28] MELUSINA Shouts: Back with Ets HARRIET
[14:28] MELUSINA shouts: A long skirt and plenty of HARRIET, in dark gray and white wool from the traditional checkered pattern suggests a comfortable heat, exacerbated by the heavy wool sweater white, but a sleeveless turtleneck.
[14:29] MELUSINA Shouts: The clear, light jacket, gray-blue wool patterned lapsed and Op Art of the ’60s, with its jaunty line, gives lightness to complete.
[14:29] MELUSINA shouts: It is a daily look marked originality in almost daring combination of different fabrics, of decorative and contrasting colors.
[14:29] MELUSINA Shouts: HARRIET‘s long and rich skirt, with its white and anthracite squares, suggests a comfortable warmness, confirmed by the coarse white wool sweater, sleeveless but with a turtle-neck collar.
[14:29] MELUSINA Shouts: Jacket’s color and fabric are light, gray-blue wool 60’s inspired to Op Art, and give lightness to the casual outfit by its cut.
[14:30] MELUSINA shouts: An everyday look, but original in the brave pair of different and contrasting fabrics, colors and patterns.
[14:30] MELUSINA shouts: Thank Ets
[14:30] MELUSINA shouts: E ‘Kristina yet to submit SCALE
[14:30] MELUSINA shouts: A dress that can not fail to fall in love.
[14:30] MELUSINA Shouts: For the color red wine delicate but intricate fantasy of shoots and flowers, pink and lilac.
[14:31] MELUSINA Shouts: To the very wide neckline, barely marked by thin shoulder pads, for the skirt Piégon rounded, flared and ready to move at every step.
[14:31] MELUSINA shouts: One imagines the center of the party and the openings, as well as in more sophisticated disk.
[14:31] MELUSINA Shouts: Impossible Not Falling in love for this dress.
[14:32] MELUSINA shouts: ‘Cause the red wine color decorated by an entangled pattern of Liley and pink shoots and flowers.
[14:32] MELUSINA shouts: We can easily imagine this dress in the focus at parties and openings and oats in the more sophisticated discos.
[14:32] MELUSINA shouts: ‘Cause the wide necklace, just marked by tiny straps,’ cause the wide pleated skirt, ready to open at every step.
[14:32] MELUSINA shouts: Thanks Vanina
[14:33] MELUSINA Shouts: Jennyfer is back with us with CLUB 55
[14:33] MELUSINA shouts: a wool skirt, long flared and pleated naughty, with a geometric pattern with squares on black and white oblong rimmed in life and in the end by a black band accompanies CLUB 55 in a jacket undersize off black leather worn bare.
[14:33] MELUSINA shouts: The whole show looks casual and sexy, with a warning elegantly post-punk.
[14:34] MELUSINA shouts: A complete any age, but youthful style given in unusual locations.
[14:34] MELUSINA Shouts: Pure wool flared skirt, with its naughty pleats, with a geometrical pattern of white squares on black background, and a black band on the waist and on The Edge, is paired to an outfit in CLUB 55 undersize black leather jacket worn on the skin.
[14:34] MELUSINA Shouts: The whole makes a sexy and self-confident look, with a reference to an elegant post-punk style.
[14:34] MELUSINA shouts: An outfit for every age, but very young in the sharp and unusual style.
[14:35] MELUSINA shouts: Thanks Jenny!
[14:35] MELUSINA Shouts: ETS is responsible for proposing a dress especially for MEB, RED CARPET
[14:35] MELUSINA Shouts: With RED CARPET MEB wants to offer a single garment, which keeps the note simplicity of his style, but that creates a particular look for the originality of color and cut, the high quality of texture and the intriguing detail, the infinite play of folds from the neck to life, silk gloss anthracite, the precious button on the shoulder.
[14:36] MELUSINA Shouts: The suit added together sophisticated elegance, understated elegance and subtle sensuality. The richness of a large group folds encircling the hips, the asymmetry of the neckline held almost cheeky one-shoulder strap, the line of the long flared skirt up a modern design and yet strongly anchored to the tradition of long.
[14:36] MELUSINA shouts: A dress to wear in the great missed opportunities of SL.
[14:36] MELUSINA Shouts: MEB with RED CARPET offers an unique dress, firm keeping the simplicity of its style, but a special look by creating an original color, the high quality of the texture, the intriguing details: the endless play of the pleats from the necklace to the waist, the anthracite silk brightness, the preciousness of the unique button on a shoulder.
[14:36] MELUSINA Shouts: This dress pairs sophisticated elegance, sober refinement, subtle sensuality. The richness of the pleated wide band on the waist, the almost impudent asymmetric necklace, the long line of the flared skirt made a very modern design, but still devoted to the tradition of the formal long dress.
[14:37] MELUSINA shouts: A needful dress, to wear at the best SL events.
[14:37] MELUSINA Shouts: / ok take time
[14:38] MELUSINA Shouts: RED CARPET is another small event in the history of MEB: if we exclude Demoiselle, a dress from the nineteenth century flavor, is the first long dress collections of the brand.
[14:38] MELUSINA Shouts: RED CARPET event in MEB is a little history: it’s its first gala dress!
[14:38] MELUSINA shouts: It should then appear in the final in all its shades. The suit is part of the collection anthracite Winter, Rouge, the red ruby is available in stores for several weeks MEB;
[14:38] MELUSINA Shouts: Then it deserves to end this show in a multiple way: the gray one is part of the collection, Rouge is on sale since some weeks
[14:39] MELUSINA shouts: the vision of the Emerald version, however, is a unique tribute to public attention this evening: RED CARPET Vert will in fact be available only behind Christmas.
[14:39] MELUSINA Shouts: Vert is an homage to tonight exclusive public: it will only be on sale by Christmas
[14:40] MELUSINA shouts: Thanks Kristina, thanks Ets, thanks Jenny, I beg you to stay on the platform a few minutes to admire this extraordinary gown, waiting for it to reach its creative, enjoying your applause, the real money that pays for his work and his genius.
[14:41] MELUSINA shouts: Thanks, Mia, thanks Ets, Thanks Dear Jenny, Thank you all for your splendid work. Please let us watch this wonderful dress a bit more, while its designers come to take our applause, that is the unique money to pay her work and her genius
[14:41] MELUSINA Shouts: Maria Elena, please, reach your models:)
[14:42] MELUSINA shouts: Thank Mariaelena!
[14:43] Mariaelena Barbosa shouts: thank you all 🙂
[14:43] MELUSINA Shouts: This image closes our parade, for which I thank all the speakers, the DJ Willow Shelford
[14:44] Mariaelena Barbosa shouts: smile as
[14:44] Mariaelena Barbosa: tyvm at my models 🙂
[14:44] MELUSINA shouts: Thanks to you all, and thanks to our splendid models
[14:44] MELUSINA shouts: and MaraElena
[14:45] MELUSINA Shouts: Runo and Pandora, the MEB media manager, who advertized it
[14:45] Mariaelena Barbosa: and Panda 🙂
[14:45] Mariaelena Barbosa: My pleasure 🙂
[14:46] Mariaelena Barbosa: and u want that u do a great applause at JENNIFER
[14:47] Mariaelena Barbosa: ty willow for the music … ah .. later stay with us will be the dance time 🙂
[14:48] MELUSINA shouts: Greetings to all and enjoy the party with the music of Willow Shelford
[14:48] MELUSINA shouts: A presto!
[14:48] MELUSINA Shouts: Greeting to all you and enjoy the music Willow Shelford
[14:48] MELUSINA Shouts: See you soon!

Outfit Details
Entire Outfit: MEB : Harriet (blog review copy) (
Shoes: Stiletto Moody Bare Katherine – Black & White with Upgraded Accessories (
Nails: MorganeParis Parx – Prim Nails – Shiny (

Skin: Atomic Bambi – Lana Skin Olive Freckle (
Hair: >Truth< Ash – Espresso – (
Eyes: [SLB] Eyes – July’09 – Green B (

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2 thoughts on “MEB Winter Collection 2009

  1. Ty for your nice words, Ash!
    We all at MEB (designer, managers, models) are proud to read that not only clothes quality and care are appreciated, but also the effort to present and offer them in a proper way. To show those we see as the product of an hard work made with love and passion.

    • Glad to be the one to pass that information on, because it is definitely the case. I look forward with baited breath to the spring release.

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