LOTD 14 Jan 2010

I have gotten away from traditionally what I wanted to do with this blog and that was explore fashion and places around the grid. So today marks a return to that. It is a quick piece showing you one of the latest designers I have discovered thanks to my dear friend, Bety Dudek … pictures are in front of a new acquaintance, Burke Benoir’s, Beware of Pick Pockets and Loose Women Sign behind me. TOO CUTE!

Bety is one of those girls who is always finding the cutest thing and making it her own. The girl has just got style. When I told her I was going to blog this new store she showed me, -Veschi-, I truly thought she was going to kill me for spilling her latest-greatest-want-to-keep-it-a-secret find. The texturing was so well done and the prices so reasonable that I just had to share. So I begged and pleaded  and batted my Irresistible Eyelashes from Crissy Designs that I always wear and she caved. So here it goes… & thank you, Baby, for letting me blog your wonderful find. Here is to short and sweet, yeah right. If you believed that, this is probably your first time encountering my blog or me personally.

LOTD 14 Jan 2010

LOTD 14 Jan 2010

I just love >TRUTH< hair and jewelry from > alaMood <. My pictures don’t even begin to do these creations justice. I have tons inventory from both stores and they are really a staple in my wardrobe. When in doubt they are two of the folders I turn to the most for that special something. Solid quality workmanship in every piece I have bought from either of these designers, and I have bought a lot from both. I did actually go through over 100 hairs in the course of 2 days finding the one I wanted to put with this look. So many worked – long / short, dark / light. In the end though I had to tell the >TRUTH< (Bad pun intended).

LOTD 14 Jan 2010 - Face Close up

LOTD 14 Jan 2010 - Face Close up

Here is something super useful about the J’s Boots! If you buy the long boot there is a part included called (For pants) J’s Foot attach Boots. This boot is the ankle boot in disguise. So, if you were debating which boot to buy, the ankle or the long, or you were thinking about getting both, the budget choice for you is the J’s Long Boots Round because it gives you the best of both worlds and saves inventory space to boot. Gosh, the textures on these boots are so luscious they are lickable, and I couldn’t believe what a perfect match the BlueGray was for my new, -Veschi- Bourgewhat? turquoise shirt. Some thing worth noting about this shirt is that not only did it come with all shirt and jacket and undershirt layers, but it also included the bottom of the shirt on an underwear and pant layer, too for every possilble layering option available. This is a particular tell a friend of mine looks for in a good designer. Wish more designers did this.

LOTD 14 Jan 2010 Boots & Belt

LOTD 14 Jan 2010 Boots & Belt

The colors really just seamed to come together with this look. Like the Ishaya Slacks in Acid from Zaara. The highlighting in the slackes was almost a perfect match for the top. Yet, still, something was needed to finish the look. *COCO* to the rescue. The belt, another wardrobe staple, Brown Leather Belt with Silver Hardware. Ahhhh *COCO* … I would almost buy her new releases blindly she so rarely goes wrong for me.

So this was my LOTD. First one in a long while. Hope you enjoyed it. Leave me a quick note or comment and let me know what you thought. If you need details or SLURLs they are listed below. Sorry their are no prices because almost everything was something I already had in my inventory. The -Veschi- Bourgewhat? Shirt was 120L and the only new purchase for this look. There are lovely striped versions for only 150L. Enjoy!


  • -Veschi- Bourgewhat? Solids (Turquoise)
  • Zaara – Ishaya Slacks (Acid)
  • *COCO* – Leather Belt (Brown w/Silver)
  • J’s – Long Boots Round (BlueGray)
  • > alaMood < Athena Choker & Earrings (Monochrome)

Base Avatar:

  • LAQ ~ Ania 05 [Fair] Glow skin
  • >TRUTH< – Amber (Espresso)
  • [SLB] Eyes – July’09 (Moss B)
  • Crissy Designs – Irresistible Look Eyelashes
  • [ AYUMI ] – Cleavage (Light)
  • MMP – Sculpted Prim Nails (Square With Shiny Nail Hud Effect)
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