Bear With Me

Going on a break.

I will hopefully write one more article this weekend and then I am focusing on RL. In focusing on RL, that means loads less time in SL, so the time that I do spend in world over the next bit of time is going to be spent focusing on spending time with friends (that I already don’t get enough time with as it is), exploring incredible builds of SL, and enjoying the live music community of SL.

I am sure all or most of you can understand this choice. I will be back from time to time, and when things move me, I might even blog about it. But for now, Ashes to Ashes and shopping are just taking a back seat, while I focus on what is really important to me – family, friends, health, and laughing.

I will check in from time to time and see how the world is treating you guys, so please feel free to drop me a note or a suggestion of some place that is a must see (store or place to explore).

Ciao for now,


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About Ais

SL Fashionista cum wannabe blogger, born October 7, 2008. I answer to almost anything, but friends call me Ash. Please call me Ash, but I spell it Ais. Please come and enjoy my public airing of my crazy thoughts, styles, rants or raves on fashion, things and what not... And by public I don't mean my usual shout across a crowded gathering, "Hey, btw, those are great pants, shoes, bracelets, etc. Do you mind telling me where you got them?" or "Oh, you like my cleavage? It is Ayumi cleavage. The best thing since the real boob :D" What I mean is sharing my quirky, pixel-shy, latex loving, sense of style and my love of SL designers. To me SL Fashion is art, it is a passion, and it is something that brings me great joy to share and talk about.

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