Think Pink – Stand Up To Bullies

Pink Shirt Day

Pink Shirt Day

Well, guys, I am still out enjoying Real Life and though I miss blogging and SL sometimes mostly I am too busy to think about it. However, sometimes there are things so important you just have to make time for them. Pink Shirt Day is one of those things and it is an anti-bullying campaign. So i am back briefly to tell you this really cool story, if you haven’t heard about it, and to support this awesome movement. Heres the story

There was this kid in Canada who started at a new school when he was a freshman and his mom had him wear a pink shirt to school. Some class mates started picking on him. Two older boys at the school put a stop to it and they went out and spent 50$ of their own money at a local discount or thrift store and bought a slew of pink shirts and then started a social networking campaign to get a bunch more kids at school to all wear pink, too, to show support for the kid and to let the bullies know that they weren’t ok with their classmate being bullied. For three years now it has been an international event. The day was moved from February to April this year to avoid conflicts with another similar type event. Tomorrow is the day that everyone is encouraged to wear pink shirts to show their support for the cause and their unwillingness to accept bullying. The original site for Pink Shirt Day is http://www.PinkShirtDay.Ca.

Pink Shirt Day

Pink Shirt Day - Stand Up To Bullies

This is the first official Pink Shirt Day in SL. We as a community are going to join together to take a stand against bullying. We do so under the banner of Pink Shirt Day. I decided to go pink head to knee, 😀 and several creators have made gifts to help raise awareness and spread information about bullying. More about that at the end of the article, but first a few words on bullying that were sent out by the events primary organizer in SL, December Dollinger:

Bullying happens when someone scares or hurts another person on purpose, physically, mentally, or emotionally.  Usually, this happens on a repeat basis – the victim being attacked over and over, an unable – or afraid – to defend themselves.

Bullying can include physical violence, spreading bad rumors, purposefully excluding another person from a group or activity, teasing in a mean or inappropriate way, or even gathering others to “gang up” on others.

Cyberbullying happens electronically.  This can include some of the categories of normal bullying, but can also include posting nasty rumors, pictures, or messages about others on blogs, forums, or other websites, or using another’s name to pose as them and spread rumors about them via the internet.

YOU can make a difference!  If you see someone being bullied and do nothing about it, you are just as guilty as the bully themselves.  Turning a blind eye to any kind of abuse is only enabling the abusers to continue harming others.  Speak up!  Stand up!  The more people are willing to stand up for what they believe in, the less power the bullies will have to abuse and control others.

So, please, take a stand against bullying, in your First and Second Life.  Bullying is not something only felt by school-aged children, but by millions of people worldwide – of all ages, genders, races…it knows no limits.

Until now.  WE can be that limit.

For more information on bullying and prevention, please visit:

So one of the really awesome things about this day in SL is that the creators are being generous to encourage your participation and to show their support for the cause. One creation that is a little different from the classic pink shirt set is a pose at [LAP] that Dove Swanson created called Stronger Together. You can pick it up at her main shop just inside the doorway.

Another cool photo related gift is the Photo Set that Voshie Paine of Le Petite Morte created that will be released on April 13th at midnight that will be available for half price for 24 hours in honor of the event.  The price will be set at 150L, when on April 15th it will revert back to 300L. It’s a bit different from her normal designs because it does NOT- come with a texture change option, but it IS modifiable and copy.

The Force Behind The Movement

The Force Behind The Movement

There are so many things to share on this day that there just isn’t room for them all. But the following is a list of creators who have volunteered to take part in the 2010 Pink Shirt Day event in Second Life.  The store name and SLURL is provided along with the creator name to make finding them a little bit easier! Please be aware that every creator has their choice of item to offer for this day – be it old, or new – and that it may not currently be set out.  If you can’t seem to find the “Pink Shirt” related item, please return in a few days.  The stores are listed with the creator name, the store name and an SLURL which you can copy and paste into your local chat or a browser window for a tp / landmark. Not all items are free but many are.

  1. Addison Mortlock – A-BOMB –
  2. Airedine Poe – Adore & Abhor –
  3. Anneliese Clarence – Algade –
  4. Apatia Hammerer – Pig –
  5. April Looming – Wild Style Fashions –
  6. Aranel Ah – *BOOM* –
  7. Arora Zanzibar – *~ Zanzibar creationZ ~* – Sorry no SLURL. Check Arora’s picks.
  8. Averie Larnia – =HooT= –
  9. Aydan Darcy – House of Darcy –
  10. Bastet Hazelnut – NUT –
  11. Candace Morgwain – Sweeter Than Candy –
  12. Chandni Khondji –  *~*HopScotch*~* –
  13. Clementine Ishtari – Awesome Blossom –
  14. Diva Lilliehook –  LACE Designs  –
  15. Dove Swanson – Long Awkward Pose –
  16. FionaRose Bartavelle –  Sparklez in the Attic –
  17. Gabe Bookmite – Get Bent –
  18. Heartless Toxx – Heartless Homes –
  19. Horrid Twine – Horribaubles –
  20. Ivey Deschanel – SN@TCH –
  21. JDiva Ophelia – Masquerade Parade Mask Boutique –
  22. Julliette Westerburg – tres blah –
  23. Katey Coppola – GLITTERATI –
  24. Kiki Cunningham – Ki-2 –
  25. Lacie Chambers – LacieCakes –
  26. Liess Paine – KHUSH
  27. Mako Kungfu – Atomic Owl
  28. Marja Languish & Kissowa Kamachi – Kissed by Lithium
  29. Mochi Milena – Pink Fuel –
  30. Narita Rayna – *Ticky Tacky* –
  31. Nimil Blackflag – LuNi Designs –
  32. Plurabelle Laszlo – Bliensen + MaiTai –
  33. Pure Nikolaidis- PURE CONTOURS SHAPES & SKINS –
  34. Radio Signals – Scribble –
  35. Rayvn Hynes – MudHoney
  36. Redsoledrea GossipGirl – (OMFG) I Love It!
  37. Riley Sapphire – Inner Peace –
  38. Rocsi Kira – La Pop Rocs –
  39. Sanura Snowpaw – *Dreams*
  40. SarahTheRed Aurbierre – Vanitas Vesture
  41. Sarahlin Constantine – #Before Sleep#
  42. Shade Kingsley – Jinkies!
  43. Southie Allen – Absurdly Newfangled Designs
  44. Syn Beresford – Little Pricks/Skin Deep/Different Drum –
  45. Treble Freenote – Touche’ –
  46. Tyr Rozenblum – Tyranny –
  47. Venice Burks/Kylei Benoir – BabyCouture
  48. Voshie Paine – La Petite Morte –
  49. jemima Clowes – TUFT –
  50. Roblem Hogarth- !ReTox! –
  51. Cupcakes & Poetry :: The Main Store –
  52. Loads more.. keep a look out 😀

Hope you are all having not only a wonderful life but a wonderful second life. Feel free to email me …

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    • Blogging again might be a bit of a stretch, but I am coming out of retirement for worthwhile causes. Glad you are still keeping an eye out. 😀 As for ‘Teh Reel Liefz’ it is going great! Amazing how great being out in the sunshine can make you feel. Hope you get to see the sun soon, Tasty.

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