A SL Legend Dies At The Hands Of Linden Labs

Editors Note: This article is updated to reflect that LagNoMore is the only one of the two sims that is closing. Rustica will stay.

The story is old, in that we have heard it over and over. But this time, it really hit home for me, as I learned that one of my favorite home away from homes, brainchild creation of Maxwell Graf, died this weekend, simply because, once again,Linden Labs failed to protect the creator. For those of you that never saw it, I am so sorry. The original is gone forever. A loss shared by ALL SL residence whether they know it or not. NOW the main Rustica sim WILL STAY so you can still get Max’s great creations, but the area around it, the sim LagNoMore, which allowed you to explore his works is gone.

Below is footage of Rustica and Rune. Rune actually left before LAGNOMORE (the area which displayed everything outside the castle – houses, village, forest, landscaping stuff) and not as a result of this particular incident, but one has to wonder, if it too didn’t cease to exist as part of the trickle down effect of the continuous theft of content from its creator. For those who missed it, here are two of the last looks though there will be a couple of broadcasts on Treet TV, in the near future, of the actual last days.

I feel blessed to have Max and Lyrric and Max’s creations as part of my Second Life. Some of the best belly laughs I have had in SL were rolling across the floors of this castle, on the hillsides of this sim, or in the seaside amphitheater. Max and Lyrric frequently roamed the sim and would visit those who came to their place for a visit or to shop. Some of the best customer service I have ever received was from these two, and I am not limiting that to my second life experiences. I feel privileged to call these two friends.

So, today, I am reminded of a Snoopy quote:

Why can’t we get all the people together in the world that we really like and then just stay together? I guess that wouldn’t work. Someone would leave. Someone always leaves and then we have to say good-bye. I hate good-byes. I know what I need. I need more hellos.

Good bye, LagNoMore! You will be missed.

For the full story on this injustice visit http://rusticahomefurnishings.blogspot.com/. There are several articles there explaining the theft, but also showcasing the creations of this brilliant resident of SL. The two most telling articles are the one dated June 25, 2010 – Rustica: Deleting LagNmoor sim due to THEFT. Thanks for nothing, LL (http://slurl.com/secondlife/LagNmoor/123/144/28) and the one from the following day, Followup: LL drops the ball, again (http://rusticahomefurnishings.blogspot.com/2010/06/followup-ll-drops-ball-again.html). I wish I could say this is the exception but I fear that isn’t the case.

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10 thoughts on “A SL Legend Dies At The Hands Of Linden Labs

  1. Omg !!!!!!! cries
    What will it take? who else will have to leave beacuse of this ? I’m really sad that i didn’t get to see it one last time, its one of those places i thought would always be there. It’s like the world trade center of SL coming down. I would like to ask all the thieves out there if it’s worth it? You are killing SL one chunk at a time and once all these creative people and places are gone , what will be left for you to steal?
    What will be left for all of us ?? grrrrrrrrrrrr

    • Just want to make sure that you saw the update … the store isn’t closing just LagNoMore. It is half of the display basically. He is sticking around but yes clearly hard decission. Basically came down to why pay Linden Labs 300$ USD per month, if they won’t help when he needs it.

  2. I remember when back in 2007 I reviewed Rustica for Appearance Mode blog for their opening. I loved the store, loved the story the furniture told. It’s a shame now the store has to close based on this.

    • Good news EOS I made a mistake here. Based on some confusions in talking to Max and how I red his postings… He is just closing the LagNoMore Sim, but he will KEEP Rustica. So we can still buy his goods… We are just loosing out on one of his beautiful builds, but can still get all his great products and see the castle.

  3. Thank you! One correction, however: the Rustica sim (and my business here in SL) is not closing, or going away!!!!!

    I deleted the LagNmoor sim, which was adjacent to Rustica.

  4. Yayyyyyyyyyyyy You know the first furniture i bought in sl was that set with the las vegas lounger that has the texture changers and it has been passed from my orig avie to this one and it has been in every place i have lived in sl, lmao
    its still my favorite living room set in all of sl .

  5. Maxwell Graf is an amazing designer, creator, business man friend and person. Maxwell Graf used his vision to create LagNmoor Castle on the mainland in 2006/2007. He started creating furniture while still on the mainland and opened the First Rustica in September 2007. After spending a year in secondlife learning all there is to know, Maxwell Graf bought his own two sims Rustica and LagNmoor. Maxwell Graf Spent over 1000 hours dedicated to creating his second castle in secondlife on the Rustica sim. In the Rustica castle Maxwell displays and sells his furniture, homes and creations, it is still a perfect place to shop and explore. On the sim LagNmoor, which Maxwell Graf named after his first castle LagnMoor, he created displayed and sold his cottages homes landscaping pine forests and more, which are all still available at the Rustica sim and castle. LagNmoor was also a wonderful spot for riding horses, exploring, meditation and games of greedy greedy in the cave by the shore. Maxwell Graf bought his third sim RUNE and built the Alpine Death Race 2000 which featured bears and sharks that attack, zombie lumberjacks a caldera racing wild bees a Mount Rune of skull monuments and long blissful fun filled days of bear hunting, camping, dancing and shopping. Maxwell Graf still has Rustica. Maxwell lost LagNmoor and RUNE due to the Lindenial. The Lindens and Linden Lab Don’t protect, act or care for the creators in secondlife. Linden Labs doesn’t understand the need to support the very people that make secondlife viable, the creators. Because of Linden Labs, LagNmoor and RUNE are gone. Rustica Lives On Due To Maxwell Graf And His Desire To Continue To Make Our Experience In Secondlife Awe Inspiring.

    • Thank you, Cheryl. I couldn’t agree more with what you have said here. And for me Max truly has and continues to instill my second life with awe. 😀 I appreciate your willingness to speak out in support of Max.

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