LoTD 23July2010

Simplicity is the name of the game…

Armidi Hair - The Envy - Sangria

Armidi Hair - The Envy - Sangria

For the most part my look is fairly clean and simple. Not a ton of accessories most days. I tend to put on more when I am doing a blog piece, than I would to roam around for no other reason than I can’t TP when I put on too much. I like to choose a few high quality pieces which well represent my tastes.

Armidi - Gisaci Barlu Fiore - Deep Blue

Armidi - Gisaci Barlu Fiore - Deep Blue

Today’s outfit is very much like the sort of thing, you might see me wearing, should you catch me out doing my Fifty Linden Friday shopping latter on today. Simple, clean, well-textured, elegant craftsmanship – in other words, Armidi. It also embraces one of the “It” colors this year, Teal. I love teal and even though I have used it a lot already, expect to see more.

Armidi Gisaci - Vidalia Pump - Fui Fui Turquoise

Armidi Gisaci - Vidalia Pump - Fui Fui Turquoise

A few nights ago at Armidi’s “Final Sale”, I picked up this dress, the hair and the shoes, all of which I have had in my Armidi wish list for over a year. The well thought through design includes 3 skirt options, two of which are sculpted but still easy to edit if you need to and have a cute little tie in the back (a detail you can see if you click on the picture and go look at the big version on my flickr page.) and a flexi one which I will likely wear with pants as a top more than as an actual dress. The dress doesn’t disappoint on any level, the hair makes me feel beautiful, and the shoes make me long to find them in RL.

One caution about All of Armidi’s releases before you buy. Be aware they often do not offer all clothing layers for an article of clothing. So you may only have a shirt on a shirt layer or a pair of pants on a pants layer. This used to be less common and many of Armidi designs have been around awhile and do not embrace the current trend (which I hope continues of including all clothing layers for each article of clothing). So, now, you are forewarned. That said you can get some lovely, well-made clothing and hair items on the cheap if you act now. Best of luck to you.


  • Dress: Armidi {Gisaci} Barlu Fiore – Deep Blue
  • Shoes: Armidi {Gisaci} – Vidalia Pump – Fui Fui Turquoise
  • Hair: Armidi Hair – The Envy – SangriaArmidi items can be obtained at the Armidi Sale ( slurl.com/secondlife/theWarehouse%20II/217/128/26 ), but you must be a member of theWarehouse group, which you can find through in world search.
  • Skin: *Cupcakes – Dahlia – Navy (Gift for VIP group members located at the front of the store. 100L to join the group, though when the give away began group enrollment was free.)
  • Hairbase: ::Tiny Bird:: Hairbase for SL 2.0 compatible viewers (Free)
  • Shape: Custom made myself
  • Eyes: [SLB] – Eyes – July’09 – Green R
  • Eyelashes: Crissy Designs – Irresistible Look Eyelashes
  • Nails: MyPrettyPixels (MMP) – Sculpted Prim Nails – Square – Custom Color using the Shiny HUD
  • Finger Tape: SiniStyle – Taped Fingers W/ Black Nails (Middle and Index Fingers)
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