Analog Dog Releases New Hairs!!

Ok, so, I am completely stoked about Queue Marlowe’s new Hair release at Analog Dog, AD for short. Why, yes, I am stoked because the hairs are completely gorgeous. It is true, but it is so much more than just that. This weeks release includes one that Queue named after yours truly! 😀 The style is called Ais (see the pic).

AD - Ais in Brunette

AD - Ais in Brunette

It looks a bit like Kim Kardashian style hair (see pic below and tell me what you think).

Kim Kardashian With Her Wax Figure

Kim Kardashian with her Wax Figure

No, that is not me next to Kim. LOL! See! The picture caption says it is Kim’s Wax Figure. I know … for just a split second you were wondering how I got to hang out with Kim. NOT! This is me wearing each of the styles with a front and back view of each:

Analog Dog Hair 04 August 2010 Contact Sheet

Analog Dog Hair 04 August 2010

See how awesome this hair looks! OMG!!! this is my RL hair! 😀 No, REALLY, this is actually very close to my RL hair style (see my in world profile RL pic, if you don’t believe me) and next time I get a hair cut it will be even closer cause I am taking in this picture, pointing to it and saying, “Yeah …. make me look like that,” so it is going to get even closer. As for the actual construction the quality is superb, there are rarely any issues with Alpha due to new techniques queue is employing, and the color ranges are outstanding thanks to the color changing huds. The news gets even better though the price is exceptional (a color pack costs 300L – I bought both the Dark Browns and Lighter Blondes). An all around solid offering.

While you are at AD be sure to pick up the free hair ball. I know it sounds gross, but this isn’t something your cat hacked up. Queue is a generous lady and puts out FREE hairs for her customers on a fairly regular basis, or for anyone for that matter. In it are some of her most adorable hairstyles in a single color, but the hairs are mod so you can change up the color to suit your needs.

My favorite of the free hairs… you guessed it, Ash in the color ash (which I have to change)! … this is the hair I used to pretend was named for me, but it really wasn’t. Yay! I don’t have to pretend anymore. So, even if you don’t buy anything else you can pick up her free hair ball, but I highly recommend you do buy something else 😀 namely Ais 😀 or Tillie or Fuente, because these styles are just plain HOT.

These photos are undoctored apart from adding the frames and text. For larger versions of this photo or each individual hair style see my flickr set.

P.S. – If you have never been to either -Glam Affair- or the Dressing Room you really should check both places out. I am loving this Sofia Dark Skin by -Glam Affair- from the Dressing Room. I tried out the hairstyles with both white and black skins, and yep, it looks gorgeous with both types of skins.

Ais’s Avi Style Card:

Hair: Analog Dog – See above pictures for each hairstyle name
NOTE: DUH!!! LOL Snickers did you really have to ask?
Skin: -Glam Affair- Sofia Dark Skin – Special Exclusive Make Up for the Dressing Room
Shape: Custom shape by Aisling MacMoragh
Eyes: [SLB] – Eyes – July’09 – Green R
Eyelashes: Crissy Designs – Irresistible Look Eyelashes
Top: * Mimikri hot couture * – Roxy Teddy White – Exclusive for the Dressing Room Blue

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4 thoughts on “Analog Dog Releases New Hairs!!

    • LOL Crazy girl … I am so glad you love it! Wish i could take credit for designing it but I did nothing but be a loud mouth LOL Queue Marlowe did all the work and is the creative genius behind AD (ANALOG DOG).

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