Murder Most Foul At Skull Creek

Skull Creek Murder Mystery Who Killed Dick Wiesel

Skull Creek Murder Mystery Who Killed Dick Wiesel

Guys and girls, if you get a chance and are looking for something to do, you should check out Skull Creek. It is a “hunt for a vicious murderer” right here in SL.

Skull Creek - Starting Point

Skull Creek - Starting Point

Back Story

Owner of WoE and long-time Skull Creek resident, Dick Wiesel, has been killed tragically in an ‘accidental’ homemade fireworks explosion. His partner, Ryker Beck, insists it was no accident and is begging someone to solve the murder and find out who killed her partner.

For more details, the rules of the game, and a long list of prizes, check out:

Skull Creek Non-Scare Crow

Skull Creek Non-Scare Crow

Who knows you might have some fun and earn some cool gifts. Enjoy the adventure and the incredibly decorated Sim. My hat is off to the event organizers (if I had one on to take off). They really pulled out all the stops. They even created a HUD (first picture in the article) that allows you to keep up with all the nifty clues. And the gifts are great but it is honestly more about the experience. Who says there is nothing to do in SL but shop and listen to music? Not me. 😀

Don’t wait, the event isn’t going to run for much longer. It began on October 18th, but the page doesn’t say how long it goes, so don’t wait. I am thinking it will wrap up sometime around Halloween or shortly there after since it is Exodi’s second annual Halloween event.

Worn out from solving the mystery at Skull Creek

It will take you some time to complete and you may even need to take advantage of one of the many places to sit and relax once you have run round the Sim several times trying to find all the clues. Feel free to talk to your fellow detectives, you might make a friend or at the very least if you are stumped you might get some help. Plan for several hours to enjoy this event.

When all is said and done you get the message below telling you it is all over go collect your prizes and me personally it was accompanied by an overwhelming sense of relief and accomplishment.

Congratulations! You have solved the murder. The townfolks of Skull Creek are incredibly grateful! Take this prize ticket and head on over to the diner for some much needed rest and relaxation. Your rewards will be waiting for you there! Don’t forget to wear the prize ticket or you won’t be able to access the boxes! And thanks again!

JANE - Mrs Luv Jacket - Autumn Plaids

JANE - Mrs Luv Jacket - Autumn Plaids


  • -Glam Affair- Castalia- Tan – 04
  • >TRUTH< Annie – coffee
  • Blacks Pack Hair Base
  • [SLB] Eyes – July’09 – Green R
  • Crissy Designs – Irresistible Look Eyelashes
  • JANE – mrs luv jacket.autumn plaids
  • JANE – aviator.sweaters.honey
  • GSH – #025 – – Low.Rise Jeans (Midnight)
  • J’s Ankle Boots Round – Red
  • ZC: Urvi Earrings *gold*
  • Skull Creek Detective’s Notebook

The game is afoot so catch your limo to Skull Creek:

For more of my pics on the event and close ups of the one here see my flickr set found at

For more information on the event there is a great write up with much better pictures than mine and a guy’s perspective on the murder mystery hunt that can be found at Fade to Grey by Carthalis: While you are there check out his entire blog. It is one of the best for Men’s Fashion in SL.

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