Piece of CupCake

So, I am still trying to stick to my policy of more pics less words, but this post is, at least in part, on skins – two different ones from the same manufacturer – so it will be wordier than I want posts to be on a regular basis. There will however be plenty of pics so you can also see for yourself the quality of these unBra skins. So let’s get started with the overview and my shameless flaunting of near nakedness in lingerie the color of the current holiday season.

Head ShotFor up close and personal details on any of these pictures, just click on them. Doing so will take you to the same picture on my flickr, where if you view all sizes you can get to the super large versions of these to see the sort of detail which highlights how well made these skins really are.

Miranova & Tasia Full Body Shots with 3 New Analog Dog Hairs

Miranova & Tasia Full Body Shots with 3 New Analog Dog Hairs

OK, for starters, I am not going to talk about the skins. I am going to talk about the adorable new Analog Dog hairs I am wearing in these pics. Three new styles – Cello, Lira, and Viola – just came out on January 27, 2011. Once again Queue Marlowe out does herself. Loads of options, loads of colors and one of my favorite things, the freedom not only to edit prim by prim but to be able to self tint / custom tint. You can do this strand by strand or the whole style at once. You may not find you need to do this though because the standard color range is HUGE and each has a natural highlight built in. Another really nice touch to note is that Queue uses an alpha prim that gives the hair lovely movement and grace. So if you are looking for something really sexy and feminine to wear on Valentines Day, hustle your cute little bum down to Analog Dog for one of these new releases. And if you are wearing one of these skins from unBra featured in this post, you really do have a cute bum; though it may not be little. LOL.

Close Up Body Shots

Close Up Body Shots

So the two skins I am looking at are both from unBra and the bodies on both are the same in color options and the actual designs, only the makeups / faces differ. The older of the two is Miranova and Tasia is the latest release. I will get into the differences later, but as you can see the over all body is gorgeous. I actually had a guy tell me the other night when I was wearing this skin around getting comfortable in “my new skin”, that he had spent most of his time in my presence staring at the back of my legs and that he just couldn’t get over the detail on it. Now he may not have been able to stop staring at the back of my legs, but for me, I find myself fixated on the bum and breasts. The detail leaves me in awe. The breasts come with 4 different options for cleavage, from non-existent to fake boobs to large natural to gigantic natural breasts, thus making pretty much every girl in SL happy and just a few guys, too.

Cleavage Options 1,2,3,4

Cleavage Options 1,2,3,4

Also important to realize is that there is no sign of seeming anywhere on this skin, a rarity even in the best skins. The chest / breasts are as realistic a skin texture I have seen on a skin without having that uncanny valley feel. There is even incredibly faint veining that while realistic is not overly heavy; you really have to hunt for them. The fact that they aren’t obvious is the root of their charm.

Tasia Makeups

Tasia Makeups

In Tansia, you get fourteen different makeups standard, and if you are gonna buy 3 or more of them you should get the fatpack for just 300L more and get 11 more makeups AND get the fatpack bonus – 11 lipsticks! Now the same number of makeups and the fatpack lipstick options are available in Mironova but I only got the four shown in the pick above called Cleavage Options 1,2,3,4. Each line has a total of six skin tones as well – Pale, Tan, Dark, Redux A, Redux B, & Redux C. The Redux tones have a lot more red undertones to the skin.

Tasia Lipstick Colors

Tasia Lipstick Colors

Now, I know what you are thinking… that you will get the added benefit of being able to wear the lipsticks across the styles and with other skins, but you can’t. The lipsticks have a lot of the skin drawn in around the lips, which means that the skin is going make it impossible to wear the lipsticks with any other skins. The lipsticks are gorgeous, but this is a major limitation in my opinion. Mainly because I wanted to be able to wear the lips from Tansia with the more natural sunkissed surfer girl look of  Mironova. The mouth on the Mironova skin shoes a little teeth which I am not a huge fan of. But all in all, these two skins are a great fit for me. I found them to be comfortable and natural. If I could add something for the next release from unBra, I would love to see a really natural skin – no blush, no lipstick, no eyeshadow, no eyeliner.

I should also mention is the hot little lingerie set that I am wearing for this post. It is from Cupcakes (hint: that is where the name of the article comes). This was on sale when it first released for only 10L along with one other color of the set. It can’t hurt to go check it out because it might still be on sale and with Valentines Day coming up you might want to pick up this little number if you have something really special coming up. I hope you all have something special coming up.  Happy Valentines Day to all!

Style Card

All the stores URLs are in my new SLURL page.

Skin: :unBra: Skin -Miranova- dark / M5 (breast 3) (hairline); Tasia- dark / M5 (breast 3) (hairbase)
Hair: Analog Dog – Cello, Lira, Viola
Hair Accessory: /artilleri/ Hibi hair flower *mouth* *FLF*
Eyes: [LeLutka]-Reflections-Mist-Eyes
Eye Lashes: Crissy Designs – Irresistible Look Eyelashes-Tuli Hope Nose
Nose piercing: self made – basic piercing
Nails: *Sexy Mamas* Manicure – Sculpted Prim Nails
Lingerie: *Cupcakes – Fancy Lacy Stuff – Red
Shoes: !Stiletto Moody Bare Lana (Anniversary – Group Gift)
Boot fixer

Pose stand system: [Tillie] Posing Stand 3.1
Pose: Fri.day model.pose 9

The Analog Dog hairs and the unBra Mironova skins were blog review copies, but not unBra Tasia, though. That one came out of my own pockets. For that matter everything else was purchased or a group gift or self made.

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  1. I love this!! Great post Ash! You bum does look yummy (0.o) You always know what is new and great looking in sl ❤

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