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Glam Affair Mary Full Bodyshot Front and Back

Glam Affair Mary Full Bodyshot Front and Back

One of the high points for me for the skin fair was this gorgeous new release found in the Glam Affair stall (TP direct to the stall: ), called Mary. It is just Simply Sexy. For me, there are no flaws in this skin to point out, and it is the widest range of options ever offered by creator, Aida Ewing. She has created a body that is a combination of womanly and athletic and can easily be pushed either direction based on shape you chose to combine with it. And at only 1000 L for a single skin or a fat pack of 12 makeups for 4999 L, the pricing is very reasonable for skins in the same quality range.

Glam Affair Mary Closeup Bodyshots Front and Back and Back of Legs

Glam Affair Mary Closeup Bodyshots Front and Back and Back of Legs

My pictures are all done in skin tone Tan with the base skin as far as cleavage which is the traditional B-C cup but not pressed together style cleavage. But you do have the option of buying an add-on cleavage enhancer made for your specific skin tone choice that can be used with all Glam Affair skins in the same tone for just 199L. I have it and choose, based on the outfit, whether or not I want to wear it.

Like the cute lingerie I am wearing. It gets more sheer as you take off layers (I am wearing all three top layers and both bottom layers) for a much sexier and less cutsie look, and it can be yours for just 50L. Everything is 50L at the 5th&Oxford Going Out of Business sale. Including this lingerie, called Caer – taupe in the {Luxuria}  product line from 5th&Oxford. I suggest you check out the sale as soon as possible because i am not sure how long you will be able to get these great deals. To get to the sale check out this SLURL: There you will find shoes, casual outfits, lingerie, skins, and the sale is not limited to women. There are also some men’s outfits available at these great prices too. However, personally, I found that the women’s selection was much better both in range and quality.

Glam Affair Mary Skin Tone Options

Glam Affair Mary Skin Tone Options

Options abound in this line whether it be the 5 skin tone options from the very light to one that can truly pass for a black woman’s skin or any dark skinned person based on the styling to the 12 different makeup options to the 3 different ey brow options. And oh yeah this time Aida released hair base versions of each of these as well! This latter one I am super psyched about because hair bases are MUI IMPORTANTE to me of late. Most of my hairstyles look better with them. One word of caution though. Even though there is a light brow option that looks great with blonde hair, if you choose the hairbase option it is black so you might need to wear the non-hairbase option more if you wear lighter hair tones. Below I am showing you the 12 make up options and the three different eyebrow options. I elected to wear no hairbase with the blonde hair but I have on the darker hairbase with both of the darker hair options. One quick note on the brows. My brows tend to be heavier and your shape will make a big difference on this. If the brows look to thick to you, try the demo on your own shape. You might be surprised. For an example of a thinner brow, keep an eye out for Sasy Scarborough’s post on this same skin to be posted on her blog

Glam Affair Mary Eyebrow and Makeup Options

Glam Affair Mary Eyebrow and Makeup Options

Speaking of hair I love this one from Elikatira! Thank God Elika came back to the creator for front. This particular hair, blind, is in her Essential’s color set and while you are there picking it up I recommend you join her group because she gives great gifts and even has a special color set of hairs offered only as a limited time gift to her group on special occasions. You can get the essentials collections for only 250L and comes with a range of colors representing each of the main hair color groupings, Whites & Lights, Blacks, Browns & Reds. One of the reasons I went with this style is it gives nice focus to the cheeks which was an important feature for this release from Glam Affair. Mary has a clean looking base skin with a very light natural blush to it with three more options to enhance the rosy glow of your face, A, B, & C. And thanks to the multiple layer option for those who want heavier versions or more coverage you can wear these multiple times on your tattoo layer for an even different effect.

Glam Affair Mary Clean Makeup and Blush Options A-C

Glam Affair Mary Clean Makeup and Blush Options A-C

I would be hard pressed to pic a favorite feature with this release, but, if I had to pick, I would pick the lips/lipsticks. This is quite possibly my favorite mouth on any skin in SL and I am really not even tempted to use a lipstick over it for a different look. There are so many lipstick choices from the light, almost-not-there, girl-next-door look presented in Clean, 01, 03, & 11 to the glam and goth looks presented in 4, 5, 10, & 12, from the boardroom looks of 8 & 9 to the bedroom looks of 2 & 6. She even through in the 80’s look found in makeup 07.

All the lip options really emphasize, not only the main theme of this skin line, but the theme of the entire skin fair, Options. So exercise your options and go get one of these gorgeous skins or get the entire line.

Want any of the things seen in this blog? Check the style card.

-Style Card-

Unless noted all SLURLs are found on the SLURL page

-Glam Affair- Mary –
-Glam Affair- Mary – Blushes
Elikatira – [e] – Blind – Essentials Collection
Crissy Designs – Irresistible Look Eyelashes
[SLB] Eyes – July’09 – Green R
Self made – basic nose piercing
*Sexy Mamas* Manicure – Sculpted Prim Nails
{Luxuria} Caer – taupe (50L at the Going out of business sale at 5th&Oxford)
Maitreya Scrunched PrimSocks

Pose *ELISA* casual6 (no longer available)

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