I Need Some Relief!

If you haven’t heard a devastating earthquake hit Christchurch, NZ for the second time in 6 months on Tuesday, 22 March, 2011. The quake caused extensive damage to the heart of the city and the death currently stands at 123 with around 200 still missing. So in standard Gracious SL fashion (no pun intended) an ever growing group of our lovely creators have banded together in the Garden City Relief Fundraiser, donating items from which 100% of the proceeds will go directly to the New Zealand Red Cross. The event runs from Saturday, 26 February to Saturday, 5 March and is located here: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Copley%20Square/125/146/23. The three main pieces I am wearing are from there, the dress worn as a top, the pants, and the hair.

What you can do to help:

  1. Help by purchasing items at the fundraiser
  2. Spread the word.
  3. If you’re a blogger….Blog blog blog!!!

If you are a creator and interested in making a donation item, please return this card with your name and the name of your store to Shelly Toonie and she will contact you with further information. Donations can also be made directly to GardenCityRelief Resident or to the New Zealand Red Cross @ http://www.redcross.org.nz/cms_display.php. Additionally, PUARANGI DESIGNS creator, Hibiscus Flossberg is donating 100% of the proceeds from her store on all purchase until 31 March.

Another participating stores, Elikatira, one of my favorite stores, released a new hairstyle (only available in the Essentials Collection pack) for the Garden City Relief event. This hairstyle is only available at the event (SLURL below). Also, the price of this pack was bumped up slightly to L$300 with 100% of that going toward this charity event.

Event Details:

Dates: Feb 26 – Mar 5
Blog: http://www.gardencityreliefsl.wordpress.com
Direct TP: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Copley%20Square/125/146/23

So really quickly, I would like to talk about the amazing creations I am wearing in this articles. The skin is Susan and it is the new release at Skin Fair from LAQ. SOOOOO pretty and so reasonably priced. The top I am in I am wearing is an adorable sundress from [AddiCt]. Exceptionally well done and totally wearable. I wasn’t crazy about how the mesh does the straps so I put on a cute summery shrug from an outfit I have had for well over a year from Lapointe and Bastchild. My only criticism on this is that it is so old it still has the tint on the prims for old pre-windlight days, and it is no mod so the lacy shoulder pieces are not as white as I would like them to be.  And cute jeans that are part of the Jeans and top outfit from PomPomPom. The top from that package is also really cute and the whole set is only 100L and all goes to charity. The boots were a nice fit for this casual, fun look. They are from DECO and a steal at 50L for Fifty linden Fridays. As for the hair you already got the scoop on that.

Be sure to go procure some wonderful finds and throw some money at a worthy cause. You have until March 5th, but why wait?

-Style Card

Relief Items (all found at http://slurl.com/secondlife/Copley%20Square/125/146/23):

Hair: [elikatira] – [e] Alright – Essentials pack – 300L – 100% goes to charity
Sundress worn as a top: -[AddiCt]-IN.Bloom Dress/Peach – 150L – 100% goes to charity
Jeans: PomPomPom – Heart You Jeans 3 from the Heart You Jeans & Top Pack – 100L – 100% goes to charity

Special Location Items (New Skin Fair Release):

Skin: LAQ ~ Susan [Nougat] Glow skin (10-pack) from skin fair – Susan 01 [Nougat] Glow skin (hairbase) L$1,990 – http://slurl.com/secondlife/VANITY%20UNIVERSE/84/129/24

Items with normal purchase locations (found on https://slashestoashes.wordpress.com/slurls/):

Shrug: From the Lapointe & Bastchild – “White Angel” Womens Full Set
Socks: Maitreya – Scrunched PrimSocks * Fatpack
Boots: *DECO – Trail Boots – White* (50L Fridays)
Eyes: [SLB] Eyes – July’09 – Green R
Lashes: Crissy Designs – Irresistible Look Eyelashes
Nails: *Sexy Mamas* – Manicure – Sculpted Prim Nails

Pose: fri. – model.pose 10


6 thoughts on “I Need Some Relief!

    • You are so welcome, Evie. They are great jeans and you are so thoughtful to do this for the charity. I am also excited about the Unknown Hunt – Spring!! I am in India on a business trip and because of the extension have not had much time to work on blogging it but try to get that sorted today. Looking forward to checking out your gift. Not sure I will have many pictures cause my connection is so harsh here in the hotel.

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