How Can You Be So Heartless?

Spotted: Fallacy DeCuir

Fallacy DeCuir

I love catching friends out and about looking stylish and crazy cool. Well earlier this week just such a thing happened. A call went out in Fashion Emergency for help finding wicked goth shoes, preferably heels and when I answered with some suggestions it ended in a nice long chat in GRIM BROS. with Fallacy DeCuir. This stylishly dressed incredible second life creator was ditching her mainstream look for the classic goth looks for the month of October and who knows maybe longer.

Fallacy DeCuir Goth Chick

So in addition to having to share this cute look just cause it is adorable, the skin is free among many other awesome gifties. The gifts are group gift from Rotten Toe. there are actually tons of cute gift items from !RT. It is 15L to join but gifts include: Valentine Skins, Doll Horns, Doll Skin, Green Heart Capri Pants, Jane-Pale…Oh,me! (skin), Urban Bracelets, Visions of Death (eyes and lenses), Long Rotten Corset, Zebra Zipper Pants, Zombie Hair, and Vika [hair] – pink. All free once you join the group, you just have to pick them up at the store.

The outfit Fallacy has on is NOT free, but it is very reasonably priced for an exceptionally well crafted costume which this is. It’s the little details that Rotten Toe creator elsa Liebknecht sorts out, like the heart that has been ripped out of the chest and sewn back on in the middle of chest, which really bring to life the gothic. If anyone is creating their own look for Halloween or wants something pre-done,  Rotten Toe deserves a look.

Gosh, I am glad fall is finally here.

Listening to: The Fray – Heartless

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