Vintage Fair 2011 Outfit Post 9

Vintage Fair Landing Points

Vintage Fair ‘Classic’ Landing Point

Vintage Fair ‘Retro’ Landing Point

Purple Moon & Donna Flora Composite 1 Vintage

Style Card

Skin: Heartsick – HS : Vintage : Aura : Monroe (C / NB) – Vintage Fair Item
Makeup: Heartsick – HS : Teeth, Vintage Eyebrows : Dark Brown, Vamp Lips & Cats Eyeliner long – Vintage Fair Items
Eye Lashes: Crissy Designs – Irresistible Look Eyelashes
Eyes: [SLB] Eyes – July’09 – Green R
Hair: Donna FLora – CATERINE hair black – Vintage Fair Item

Dress: Purple Moon – :: PM :: Donna Dress in Pink – Vintage Collection – Vintage Fair Item
Shoes: DNR Vintage Vivian Pumps – Black – Vintage Fair Item (free gift)
Jewelry: (Caroline’s Jewelry) Simple Pearl Jewelry Set in W/G – Vintage Fair Item

Poses: oOo legends_veronica_freebie, oOo lulu_one, oOo ziegfelds_one, oOo 1960s_freebie, oOo jean _eight, oOo jean_one, oOo legends_bette_freebie, oOo legends_greta – Vintage Fair Items
Elisa I Love Skirts2

Purple Moon & Donna Flora Composite Vinette Vintage

Another perfect choice for jewelry was just out out of reach for me. I failed to pick the following up while I was at the fair and it would have also been such a perfect combination.

Eclectica Would Be a Nice Match


4 thoughts on “Vintage Fair 2011 Outfit Post 9

  1. Loved, Loved this look!Well done, as always 🙂 Did you know you have this is the “About Ais” section: SL Fashionista cum wannabe blogger,….teehee, you said cum (0.o)

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