Khloe Khondor – Kuter than a Kewpie Doll

One of the things I love about SL is how much we embrace the differences in people. This is one of the few places that a person can be who they want to be and still be accepted. One of my best friends, since my early days of SL, is Khloe Khondor. We have so many differences not to mention many similarities, but some how none of the differences have ever mattered.

Kutiepie_Khole_Composite_Photo_FrameEach time we see each other, I am amazed by her cuteness (like in the picture above). After getting done admiring the cuteness, we take the opportunity to share tidbits of information that we have gleaned that might help the other one’s style or things we have discovered in SL that we think the other might enjoy seeing or doing. So many of my discoveries in SL have been because of Khloe. So much of the enjoyment that I have experienced in SL has been a direct result of my friendship with her.

Kutiepie Khole_Cropped_009Last time we met up for one of the brief moments that we occasionally managed to steal, Khloe was sporting the adorable look you see above. She just fit the day so perfectly that I asked her permission to share her outfit with both of my readers. ;D Lucky for you two, that she said, “Yes.” Following her answer, she shared her outfit details (got to love that copy current outfit to clipboard feature in Firestorm, among several other great Firestorm features), and she cautioned me that at least one of the creators may have gone out of business. I am doing my best to get SLURLs, but no promises; check out the SLURLs page for as many as I can find, but ~GypsySoul~ is sadly one of the ones that has gone out of business.

Thank you, Khloe, and Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to Khloe and everyone reading this post.

Outfit Style Card

Skin: [PF] Elly – Angelic (rdbrow/freck)
Shape: .::Mother Goose’s::. Joe Shape
Hair: >TRUTH< Becky – sangria
Eyes: pc eyes by LL – poison ivy – large
Nose Plaster: – DAMNED – K.Plasters Pink Nose
Outfit by ~GypsySoul~ Bumble
~GypsySoul~ Bumble Guaze Undershirt
~GypsySoul~ Bumble Underoos
~GypsySoul~ Bumble Tights
~GypsySoul~ Bumble Top
~GypsySoul~ Bumble Scarf
~GypsySoul~ Bumble Skirt
Owl on Shoulder: (TokiD) baby horned-owl (pure)
Books under arm: BP* Sketch book/red/wear
Ring: CCD – Custom Ring – Female – Perfect
Shoes: Snols – Brown

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About Ais

SL Fashionista cum wannabe blogger, born October 7, 2008. I answer to almost anything, but friends call me Ash. Please call me Ash, but I spell it Ais. Please come and enjoy my public airing of my crazy thoughts, styles, rants or raves on fashion, things and what not... And by public I don't mean my usual shout across a crowded gathering, "Hey, btw, those are great pants, shoes, bracelets, etc. Do you mind telling me where you got them?" or "Oh, you like my cleavage? It is Ayumi cleavage. The best thing since the real boob :D" What I mean is sharing my quirky, pixel-shy, latex loving, sense of style and my love of SL designers. To me SL Fashion is art, it is a passion, and it is something that brings me great joy to share and talk about.

2 thoughts on “Khloe Khondor – Kuter than a Kewpie Doll

  1. Awwws, I just saw this and you are too kind. YOU are the one always teaching me and showing me good deals. Hope you had a very merry Christmas! Love you forever!

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