Crusaders Walk the Plank Couture

I am so psyched, because much to my surprise, the last round of Firestorm upgrades are letting me use shadows and depth of field. Yippy! Does a little happy dance! So I have been doing may same old pictures just kicking them up a notch with this new feature. Next to no editing (does cropping count) needed for great snaps. It also let me show off these gorgeous designs from to of my favorite new creators and three of my favorite old ones the way I always knew they could look.

Crusaders Walk The Plank Couture

First up in my new favorites is a store by creator Vershel Iadyl, *VERSHE*, the store from which the skin, makeup, and gloves all came – a recent discovery in the Back to Black event (same way I found my other new favorite creator) and one that I just keep finding new and wonderful items. In this shot, I am wearing her most recent skin release (named for her mother), Andrea. The skin I am wearing is *VERSHE* Andrea Olive: Aruba (Brunette) but I have added a different lipstick than the standard one that comes on the skin. This was an option because Vershel includes each of the lipsticks for the entire makeup line in a bonus pack for the purchasers of the PHATTY Pack giving PHATTY Pack purchasers more to Mix and Match. This lipstick (*VERSHE* AndreaMU: Marilyn Lips (Olive)) is actually the dramatic red that is offered in her Marylin makeup. And if you want another good deal she has her GoGo Eyes makeup pack which will give your eyes that sultry cat’s eye look. The pack of six sultry eye makeups are offered at the the Stuff In Stock, a new discount event. They are definitely a deal at only 50L. This store is definitely one to watch. Little birdie tells me she might have an new skin release at E U P H O R I A in the very near future.

Speaking of E U P H O R I A brings up the second new creator of  which I am enamored, Aeon Perian and his store ~plank couture~. Now I am starting this off with a disclaimer … most of Aeon‘s designs are done for men. He is even participating in the Narcissus’ Room a new men’s exclusive fashion wardrobe shopping event (click on a link to see the cute offering and details for where to get it) … but somehow I have a feeling we girls are going to be stealing the boys clothes from this designer and making them all our own. His designs are inspired. The pieces I am wearing are part of his ~plank couture~ Vierge en Deuil outfit which is based on Crusaders clothing. I am wearing the Vierge en Deuil pants, Vierge en Deuil lace top, Neck Corset, and Mary Cries Mask from the ensemble. The outfit required little to modifications. I picked this item up from his store at E U P H O R I A, but it is also available at his main store. He also has his amazing purses available at both locations as well (at least we girls have these beauties).

Crusaders Walk the Plank Couture

The items from my old favorites are the relatively new Radical Boots from Maitreya, which are one of their newer mesh creations; the Tuxedo Jacket from *CoCo*, which even 2 to 3 years after I bought the jacket is still a great staple in my wardrobe that continues to exhibit quality; and finally  this adorable new hair, Pussy Galore (roots), from [Shag], which was an event item with special colors offered but should be available in the full color range soon if it is not already available.

Style Card

SLURLs available on the SLURLs page

Skin: *VERSHE* – Andrea Olive: Aruba (Brunette)*
Lipstick: *VERSHE* – AndreaMU: Marilyn Lips (Olive)*
Eyes: [SLB] Eyes – July’09 – Green R
Hair: [Shag] – Pussy Galore (roots) – afterglow
Nose Piercing: basic piercing

Outfit: ~plank couture~ – Vierge en Deuil Full outfit
Jacket: *COCO*- Tuxedo Jacket (Black)
Gloves: *VERSHE* – Chic Gloves
Boots: Maitreya – Radical Boots

* Blogger Review Copy

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