‘My Attic” Is Open To The Public

You are all invited to ‘My Attic”, an event hosted by The Deck sim, and its owner, Sasy Scarborough. It starts today March 21st and ends on March 31st. The theme this session is “Summer Abroad 1955-1960” and all items are 95L for the duration of the event, and will then go to regular store prices afterwards. I personally grabbed almost everything there.
Here’s the SLURL to the place and if you are lucky you might even catch some of your favorite creators / designers hanging out on the back Deck …. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/The Deck/88/185/21.

Hanging out on the back Deck at My Attic

Hanging out on the back Deck at My Attic

So in the picture are a few creators who are participating just chilling on the back deck of the event talking to folks who wander in. From left to right: That’s me in the beehive and Maitreya Jackie O glasses on the left, next to me is Whimsy Winx (creator of W.Winx Home & Garden), then Sasy Scarborough (blogger extraordinaire and sim proprietor / promoter), then Helyanwe Vindaloo (creator of all kinds of amazing things at .ploom.), then Ashia Tomsen (amazing skin creator of Idiosyncrasy), and last but not least the solo man in the group, Kavar Cleanslate (Exile creator) who has been making some incredible hairs, its no wonder he has a “Hair”em of women around him. Everyone here but me adds something of value to the sale.

::Exile:: She Loves You :: Maarone & Idiosyncrasy Audrey - Vintage Natural LB

::Exile:: She Loves You :: Maarone & Idiosyncrasy Audrey - Vintage Natural LB

Several of us are sporting items from the event as well. Sasy has on the dress by Maitreya and we both have on the glasses, and the the exile hair (although not the hair I have on in the group pic), I have on the Idiosyncrasy skin as well, Hely has on the hair from .ploom. and the dress from DKNY (the dress comes with a matching sun hat and basket, too). Now just to be clear. This is not my attic, that is just the name of the event, “My Attic”. So don’t get confused and think all these cool people are selling their stuff at my place or hanging out on my deck … this is all Sasy‘s doing. The stores involved:

Adorkable Poses
Chelle Makeup (Special Guest)
Cracked Mirror
DCNY Clothing and Accessories
EMO-tions Hair
Exile Hair (Special Guest)
Frou Frou Hair
Idiosyncrasy Skins
Maitreya Clothing and Accessories
Miel Accessories
Mina Hair
Ploom Hair and Poses
The Strand Hair and Accessories
W.Winx Home & Garden

Come hang out at “My Attic” and have some fun while you shop.


2 thoughts on “‘My Attic” Is Open To The Public

    • It is a truly fun event with some amazing items for the Lindens. Super well organized and a beautiful build. How could I not post it? 😀

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