Vershe FreebieFriday (#6) Has Officially Begun

It’s Friday again and the weekly notice has arrived from Vershel Iadyl that she has set out her FreebieFriday item at -VERSHE- Layers of Style. Please be aware that this is a new locationand the hunt gift is there. Shoppers be advised that Vershel is also seeking your feedback on her new store and location and asks that you share your feedback on everything – good or bad, she wants it all. Drop an IM or notecard in her in world. I just love it when creators actually want feedback from customers and, even better, actually listen to it.
Vershe New Main Store

Vershe New Main Store

Vershe New Main Store 2

So back to this weeks Freebie Friday gift. Boy, is this gift ever adorable! It has really put me in the mood for summer adventuring and picnics. And despite the wording on the back – no nomming on my backside, and yes, sometimes creators spell out juicy on their item, and sometimes their creations just embody it. This weeks FreebieFriday is huge! It includes:

  • 2 Skins (IN TWO TONES!!)
  • WearEms’ Top (Juicy watermelon design)
  • 2 different pairs of her Stackas (shoes)

Watermellon Stackas

And the only thing you have to do to get this is, 1 join her in world group, Vershelz Posse, (only 50L) and 2 hunt it down. The item will be hidden in a small purple heart box somewhere around the store. Also the special thing about this FreebieFriday is that this week it will be out until Sat. night. That is right! an extra 24 hours to hunt down this awesome gift.

NomNomNom - Lets Go Shopping

NomNomNom – Lets Go Shopping


Style Card

*VERSHE* Fawn: Tan (Free to Group)
::Exile:: Violetta:Pecan
[SLB] Eyes – July’09 – Green R
Crissy Designs – Irresistible Look Eyelashes
[ PXL ] Mouth_open_Addon_v7 (Mod/Copy)

*VERSHE* WearEms: WaterNomNom (Free to Group)
Maitreya Zipper-Skinny Jeans * XS Dirty
*VERSHE* Stacka Shoe: MellonBottom (Free to Group)

Phoebe ~Piercings & more~ – *P* Monica Earrings ~Platinum~ XL
basic piercing (attaches to chin)
*Sexy Mamas* Prim Nails
KittyCats – 7T Champ (my baby)


It Feels Like I’m Living In ::Exile::

Maybe that’s because lately ::Exile:: has been one of the main hair brands I find myself throwing on. It is becoming one of my main go to brands, if not the main one. Kavar Cleanslate has produced some particularly gorgeous hairs over the course of his career, and, so far, I would say he is at the peak of his performance to date. This latest release is all mesh and all styles are long styles in this latest release. This round the styles are youthful and even a bit vintage in their feel. So  kind of a combination of new and old. I am wearing this latest release in the pictures below and from left to right the styles are: Prelude, Tonight Tonight, and Satisfaction. (Click on any of the pictures below for a link to a larger version with more detail.)

Prelude - Tonight Tonight - Satisfaction

Prelude - Tonight Tonight - Satisfaction Headshot

That youthful feel which the new hairs from ::Exile:: is what inspired me to combine the hairs with the new Glam Affair skin, called Leah. Leah feels a very different skin than anything Aida Ewing, the creator of Glam Affair, has done before. With 5 skin tones, 22 different lipstick layers, 3 freckle styles, 3  colors each of which gives the option to include the same color hairbase or not, and 13 base makeup skin options (12 makeups and one clean option), you can have pretty much any look you want. I went with a very neutral base makeup skin, –Glam AffairLeah MedTan – 02, which had almost no eye makeup and a very natural lip color, as you can see in the picture of the Exile style called Satisfaction and the beige Maggie Outfit from [ m ]. That picture has no lipstick color or any other form of added tattoo layer makeup. The only make up added to the other two looks are the lipstick. You can see what a huge difference it makes in the look just to add a different lipstick color.

Prelude - Tonight Tonight - Satisfaction Full Body

Prelude - Tonight Tonight - Satisfaction Full Body With M & Vershe

During the process of deciding what to do with the hairs, I had come to the decision that I was just going to do headshots showing just the hairs and the make up and then Magnifico Miggins, the creator for [ m ], sent me a collection of two of her upcoming releases to look over. The first was an adorable, perfect for spring mini dress she calls the Maggie Outfit. When she sent it over she included all of her upcoming color releases – aqua, beige, black, green, grey, pink, and red. Accompanying that outfit collection was her exciting new watch. A chunky, fun, colorful watch, she calls the Miracle Watch. The miracle is the face of this watch which has a subtle rainbow coloring that reminds me of a sclupti map that constantly changes. Mag says that the face will never repeat, that color combinations might be close or similar, but will never be exactly the same at any given time when you look at it. I personally found the watch mesmerizing to watch. LOL I had fun watching the watch – that sounds so funny to me, but it is true, I did.

Now this dress may look as if it has sculpti or mesh attachments to give it that 3D look you see in the pictures, but that isn’t attachments, just really amazing texturing on the part of the creator. The only attachment is a basic prim piece for the skirt that goes between the legs that you are probably all familiar with in other outfits. The outfits were fun and I wanted to show a little bit of their versatility without changing it up too much. When trying things on I paired the dresses with shorts and pants and they worked wonderfully as a top. I also liked adding the Claw Belt from [ m ] which is one of Mag‘s recent releases for kind of a slightly edgier look that better fit the dark lipstick I had put on this version of Leah and the shiny black nails I had on. As far as color coordination, everything just kind of fell into place – the matching hair color accents the matching watches and shoe colors I happened to have and want to display, everything.

Okara Sliders - Le Plateau - Mimi Flats

Shoes: Okara Sliders - Le Plateau - Mimi Flats

Only one thing remained to finish off the three looks before I would be able to head out and hit the town and that was shoes. So I pulled out two new releases from Vershe and an old stand by from [ m ] and the looks were complete and I was ready to hit the town. Now the cute clunky heals that are a new release from Vershe were something that all the members of her group had the option to drop by and pick up the store for FREE, last Friday. Yes, that’s right, I said  those shoes were FREE. Freebie Friday is something Vershe creator, Vershel Iadyl, does for her group. She puts out one never before released item that you do have to hunt for but if you are a member of the group you get it for free when you find it. This happens every week. This past week it was this adorable pair of shoes, and the previous week it was a PHATTY PACK of her new mesh Capri sweatpants she calls LabelWh*re Sweats. Yes a PHATTY PACK, 7 colors, of her never before released item. I have been in groups before that had great free gifts or frequent gifts or both, but never one quite like this. A weekly freebie of a brand new release and other random gifts just because the woman is feeling generous, all as part of a group that there is no fee to join? If you know of a group like this that has such huge benefits to join please share in the comments section because I would really like to maximize my group space. Funny, I remember when we survived on 25 and now 42 just isn’t enough.

Ok so back to the shoes. The adorable Okara sliders were a freebie that is now available for sale. Next is the classic chunky heel pump from [ m ] called Le Plateau Heel. I went with a basic black look with the top part patterned with white birds, a signature look for [ m ]. And finally I added the Vershe Mimi Flats, a new release, in the pattern she calls Dots. It is a cute fresh, summer, feel – perfect for a day of sight seeing or exploring around SL. Vershel would kill me for saying this, but my nicknames for her shoes are the Okra Sliders and the baskin robins shoes. Not sure why that is what comes to mind with the names and the patterns but my mind is just crazy like that sometimes; so if you ever hear me or see me “talking” about these shoes and I call them by the wrong name, you will now know which ones I am talking about.

Speaking of exploring, look out here for upcoming blogs on adventuring. I have scouted out some fun locations and hope to do another adventure sight seeing shoot soon. But for now I am signing off and sending you to the credits, so that if you saw any thing you like you can run out and get it. Everything except the dress and watch are available for purchase, now, and the dress and watch are only about a week away, so run right out and pick up your favorites.

Happy Shopping.

Style Card

Store SLURLs available on the SLURLs page

Worn in all outfits:

Freckles: -Glam Affair – Leah Freckles C (New)*
Eyes: [SLB] Eyes – July’09 – Green R
Lashes: Crissy Designs – Irresistible Look Eyelashes
Nails: *Sexy Mamas* Prim Nails
Watch: [ m ] Miracle Watch (Shown in Baby Blue, Pale, and Black) (Coming soon)*

Worn in Exile – Prelude:

Hair: ::Exile:: Prelude:Chardonnay (New)*
Skin: -Glam Affair – Leah MedTan – 02 BL HB (New)*
Lipstick: -Glam Affair – Leah Lipstick 09 (New)*
Dress: [ m ] – Maggie Outfit aqua (Coming soon)*
Shoes: *VERSHE* – Okara Sliders (New) (free for group members last Friday at Vershe’s Freebie Friday)

Worn in Exile – Tonight Tonight:

Hair: ::Exile::Tonight Tonight:Persimmon (New)*
Skin: -Glam Affair- Leah MedTan – 02 Red HB (New)*
Lipstick: -Glam Affair – Leah Lipstick 22 (New)*
Dress: [ m ] Maggie Outfit green (Coming soon)*
Shoes: [m] [m] Le Plateau Heel Special
Belt: [ m ] Claw Belt special

Worn in Exile – Satisfaction:

Hair: ::Exile::Satisfaction:Moreno (New)*
Skin: -Glam Affair- Leah MedTan – 02 D HB (New)*
Dress: [ m ] Maggie Outfit beige (Coming soon)*
Shoes: *VERSHE* Mimi Flats: Dots (New)*

*Review Copy

‘My Attic” Is Open To The Public

You are all invited to ‘My Attic”, an event hosted by The Deck sim, and its owner, Sasy Scarborough. It starts today March 21st and ends on March 31st. The theme this session is “Summer Abroad 1955-1960” and all items are 95L for the duration of the event, and will then go to regular store prices afterwards. I personally grabbed almost everything there.
Here’s the SLURL to the place and if you are lucky you might even catch some of your favorite creators / designers hanging out on the back Deck …. Deck/88/185/21.

Hanging out on the back Deck at My Attic

Hanging out on the back Deck at My Attic

So in the picture are a few creators who are participating just chilling on the back deck of the event talking to folks who wander in. From left to right: That’s me in the beehive and Maitreya Jackie O glasses on the left, next to me is Whimsy Winx (creator of W.Winx Home & Garden), then Sasy Scarborough (blogger extraordinaire and sim proprietor / promoter), then Helyanwe Vindaloo (creator of all kinds of amazing things at .ploom.), then Ashia Tomsen (amazing skin creator of Idiosyncrasy), and last but not least the solo man in the group, Kavar Cleanslate (Exile creator) who has been making some incredible hairs, its no wonder he has a “Hair”em of women around him. Everyone here but me adds something of value to the sale.

::Exile:: She Loves You :: Maarone & Idiosyncrasy Audrey - Vintage Natural LB

::Exile:: She Loves You :: Maarone & Idiosyncrasy Audrey - Vintage Natural LB

Several of us are sporting items from the event as well. Sasy has on the dress by Maitreya and we both have on the glasses, and the the exile hair (although not the hair I have on in the group pic), I have on the Idiosyncrasy skin as well, Hely has on the hair from .ploom. and the dress from DKNY (the dress comes with a matching sun hat and basket, too). Now just to be clear. This is not my attic, that is just the name of the event, “My Attic”. So don’t get confused and think all these cool people are selling their stuff at my place or hanging out on my deck … this is all Sasy‘s doing. The stores involved:

Adorkable Poses
Chelle Makeup (Special Guest)
Cracked Mirror
DCNY Clothing and Accessories
EMO-tions Hair
Exile Hair (Special Guest)
Frou Frou Hair
Idiosyncrasy Skins
Maitreya Clothing and Accessories
Miel Accessories
Mina Hair
Ploom Hair and Poses
The Strand Hair and Accessories
W.Winx Home & Garden

Come hang out at “My Attic” and have some fun while you shop.

Energy’s Club 2 Year Aniversary Free For All

Free *VERSHE* skin and several other great freebies to be had. Up now and will be up for a couple days. So don’t wait … you don’t want to miss out. You can find them at the Energy Club. While you are there enjoy the club. It has been around for 2 years … which in SL is a loooong time for a club to stick around. So don’t take my word for it, let the track record speak for itself, they must be doing something right.

Energies Anniversary Mash Up Set

You have to be a member of the Energy Club group in order to get the gifts but if you can spare a group slot they are worth it. Below is the start of the wall of freebies and it extends down with clothing, shoes, tattoos, and more.

Energies Club Entrance to the Group Freebies

Energies Club Entrance to the Group Freebies

Style Card

Store SLURLs available on the SLURLs page

Skin: *VERSHE* Energies Skin (Exclusive)
Cleavage: *VERSHE* Cleavage (Tan)
Hair: *Alice Project Hair* Maria (Hair Fair 2011 LE Pack)
Eyes: [SLB] Eyes – July’09 – Green R
Eyelashes: **Irresistible Look Eyelashes**-Crissy Designs
Nails: *Sexy Mamas* Prim Nails
Shirt: [ 2byte ] Art of Escher denim shirts ( Cornflower blue ) (Epoch – Escher event)
Leggings with boots: Maitreya MCEHT Legging (Epoch – Escher event)

Check Out A Gorgeous Free Skin From Adam -n- Eve

I was so incredibly surprised at the lovely skin from Sachi Vixen the creator for Adam -n- Eve. She calls it E and it is a tribute skin in honor of the memory of Etta James. It is free at Adam n Eve until Monday 23rd January. you can pick up the skin here: Here is a pic of me in the store wearing the skin with my own shape (there is one included as well as the skin). I haven’t edited it at all, because I wanted you guys to see what a lovely skin it is, but I did wear a lipstick layer from Glam Affair.


As Sachi put it in her notice to the group, “RIP Etta, thanks for all the music.”

E-Gift Face

For another pic check out Sachi’s Flickr photostream (

Style Card

See the SLURL page for store SLURLs

Skin: Adam n Eve Skins – E
Lipstick Tattoo: 9 -Glam Affair- Layla lipstick – desire
Hair: Elikatira – [e] Mood – Blonde 02 (Customized Color)
Eyes:- Glam Affair – Stella Eyes TDR 15
Eyelashes: [ glow ] eyelashes – Secret Eyes 01, Crissy Designs – Irresistible Look Eyelashes
Pants: Maitreya -Leather Leggings – Oil
Blouse: Maitreya – Silk Neck Tie Blouse  – Teal
Shoes: Maitreya – Alexa Wedges – BlackNails: *Sexy Mamas* Prim Nails
Jewelry: basic piercing, EarthStones Lia Crystal Earrings – Citrine/Gold (Collabor88 – no longer available), Zaara : Raga oyster ring *pearl* (gold), (Miriel) Double Metal Bracelet – Black/Copper (store Closed), Tiny Bird – Bobbypin (FLF final event)

Come Into My Web

Ariadne, the new skin from Adam n Eve is totally tempting, just like the spider tempting the fly. It is a young fresh look. Lovely detail on the body, delicate highlighting, exceptional balance. Veteran creator Sachi Vixen continues to improve with each of her releases, which is exactly what you hope to see from any creator, continued growth in their craft. Now since this is a skin issue there is absolutely no touch up to the pictures what so ever and my windlight setting is AnaLu Studio 5 with no additional lighting.

Adam n Eve Skins - Ariadne - Warm - Makeups Composite Page

There are 4 skin tones (Cool, Natural, Warm, & Tan)  and 12 makeups (Baby, Bare, Coral, Fizz, Lemongrass, Maple, Nude, Orchid, Peach, Ready, Russet, and Walnut). Each skin comes with a normal boob and a high cleavage version. Her thoughtful packaging doesn’t stop there. She includes tattoo layer hair bases and eyebrows and freckles (This may be the best set of freckles, face only, that I have ever seen. They are super natural and light. I would love to see a full body set like this.), manicures to match the makeups on the tattoo, glove and sock layers. Now the eyebrows and manicures aren’t really transferable to other skins but they work great with these. And for those of you who love Sachi’s black skins, you will experience a little disappointment cause the skin range is from a very pale Caucasian skin to a medium tan one.

Adam n Eve Skins - Ariadne - Warm Walnut - Bewbs - Full Body Composite

I bet you are just dying to know, “What does it look like with clothes?” So, taking this opportunity to wear one of the gifts I have been most excited about this year, LeLutka‘s breeze ensemble gift, and my favorite set of barefeet in SL, Maitreya Gold’s Tip-Toe Bare Feet. A simple look, but a good one for showing off the skin.

LeLutka Breeze Ensemble Gift
This is probably the last time this year I will wear summer looks. I am really looking forward to the turtlenecks and sweaters coming out this fall. Tweeds and hounds-tooth abound ;D and I can’t wait, but I really and truly loved this gift from Lelutka and all the accessories which complemented it. For example, the sophisticated yet casual new hairstyle, LaDonna, from creator Queue Marlow of Analog Dog. This style is actually sold under her new offshoot brand, Point B (.b). There are several new hairstyles from Queue’s new brand, which I hope to be able to feature in an upcoming article.

LeLutka Breeze Accessories Composite

Sadly all of the accessories may not still be available, like the exceptionally simple yet well made Deer Skin Tote from tulip. in beige, because they were specially offered items with a limited time availability at various special events such as The Dressing Room, Collabor88, Project Themory, or Fifty Linden Fridays. I do, however, encourage you to checkout other items made by the creators even, if the ones you see here are to your liking but no longer available. The creators are still just as talented even if it is for a different item. You can find SLURLs for all the stores on my SLURL page,

Listing to: How To Destroy Angels – The Believers

Style Card

For all store locations see my SLURL page unless otherwise stated :

In both sets:

Skin: Adam n Eve Skins – Ariadne – Warm Russet – Bewbs *
Self Made Basic Nose Piercing
Eyes: [SLB] Eyes – July’09 – Moss R

Skin Pictures:

Skin: Adam n Eve Skins – Ariadne – Warm – Bewbs *
Tattoo Layer: Adam n Eve Hairbase Pale Blond *
Tattoo Layer: Adam n Eve Small Freckles *
Hair: .p (From the creators of Analog Dog) – ladonna – milk *

Clothed Pictures:

Skin: Adam n Eve Skins – Ariadne – Warm Russet – Bewbs *
Tattoo Layer: Tattoo Layer: Adam n Eve Hairbase Red *
Tattoo Layer: Adam n Eve Eyebrow Tattoo Ariadne Warm Red *
Tattoo Layer: Adam n Eve Small Freckles *
Hair: .p (From the creators of Analog Dog) – ladonna – heat *
Lashes: [ glow ] eyelashes – Secret Eyes 01 (From TDR)

Outfit: [LeLutka]-BREEZE ensemble GIFT
[LeLutka]-SET bikini
Feet: Maitreya Gold * Bare Feet Tip-Toe

Earings: PIDIDDLE – Ivory Claw Earrings
Bracelet: PIDIDDLE – Ivory Claw Set Bangle Left
Necklace: *League* Tassle Necklace -Light Brown (chest)
Nails: *Sexy Mamas* Prim Nails
Handbag: tulip. Deer Skin Tote (Beige – Hands)
Anklet: Maitreya Dragonfly Anklets (comes with the Maitreya Gold * Bare Feet Tip-Toe)

*Indicates promotional copies