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Great Article that just had to be shared. I just wish I had seen it two months ago when it was originally written.

Personally, I haven’t blogged in forever. In part, because my RL has become very busy and thankfully very fulfilling. In part, because I had become so discouraged with SL life in general – drama between creators, increases in theft of creative content, LL rules which hindered creators and residents in general, and finally everywhere I turned someone was calling them self a blogger and so many were just completely disappointing quality or not providing any details or information about products that I could use to support talented creators.

Being a blogger was amazingly time consuming when doing it right. Sometimes posts took me as much as a couple of weeks to do the way I wanted and include all the details. I have overwhelming respect for bloggers who not only blog thoroughly but blog regularly. Thanks to all of you who fit this category. And finally thanks to Sasy, both for writing this blog and saying what needed to be said for a long time and for being one of my idols / role models / friends / inspiration.

Sasy, you are BLOCONIC – that is an iconic blogger. You set the standard for any new blogger to aspire to be. I don’t know what I would do, if you ever decide to retire. Hopefully, I never have to find out. Thanks for inspiring me. Maybe I will return to blogging; maybe I won’t. In any case, when or if I do, I will do my best to remember all your wise words of wisdom when sharing my pieces with my readers.


Blogger Blogga Bloggrrr

EDIT: This rant is specifically focused on Fashion Blogging

In the 8 years I have been an Second Life Resident, only a few months of that time was I not blogging. I didn’t start out Fashion Blogging right away, I actually didn’t know that existed as a thing until I was already in world 4 months, but I was blogging pretty regularly on my own blog. Then I discovered ‘Appearance Mode” I have told this story a few times, and how I had so much inventory from shopping everyday and working, that I started blogging daily.

If you think I am wordy now, there are older residents that can attest that how I blog now is barely a blurb by comparison. I loved it, was incredibly passionate about it, and looked at it as a way to contribute to this amazing community.

This post is a rant, a big one…

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41 – 150


This is my 150th post as a blogger of SecondLife®. It just happened to coincide with my recently turning 41. Strange that I have been blogging as long as I have. It started just to see if I could do it, and what a wonderful hobby has it been! I am grateful for all the wonderful people and experiences that blogging has brought into my life. I decided to keep this blog post short and sweet, like the sculpti cupcake dangling from my mouth that was a birthday gift from a friend.

41-150 In The Wilderness

After cupcakes we went and played on one of the most beautiful sandboxes I have ever experienced. We were both tickled because, though you won’t see it in the pictures thanks to derendering, the sim was populated with four-wheeling, off-roading Furries. Lucky it was a sandbox, because it meant I could one of the new poses I had splurged on at Glitterati for a photo op at this lovely setting. We took the first photo we have ever taken together in the 2.5 years we have known each other and called it a night.

41-150 In The Wilderness (5x4)

Looking back, it was a lovely end to a lovely birthday, and it has been an amazing life so far and a wonderful 150 posts. Thank you for my blessings and here’s to 150 more posts.


Style Card

Store SLURLs available on the SLURLs page

On Ais:

Skin: [Ill] Illusory Skin – Paige_Milk – Soft Touch (cleavage) – by Crushed Clarity
Lipstick: -Glam Affair – Leah Lipstick 09 – by Aida Ewing
Hair: ::Exile:: – Rumour has it (Rouge) – by Kavar Cleanslate
Eyes: [SLB] Eyes – July’09 – Green R – by SLB Wirefly
Eyelashes: Crissy Designs – Irresistible Look Eyelashes – by Cristina Sugita
Mouth Toy: VD cupcake (on mouth) (gift so no idea the store but the creator is huuu)
Top: coldLogic top – segel (blue) – by coldLogic
Skirt: coldLogic – skirt – hemlock (khaki) – by coldLogic
Shoes: Maitreya Gold – Shanti (Nude) – by Onyx LeShelle
Nails: *Sexy Mamas* – Prim Nails – by Tigerlily Hyun

Location: Blue Galaxy Sandbox – Caisteal

Poses: Glitterati – Beauty Series – by Katey Coppola

It Feels Like I’m Living In ::Exile::

Maybe that’s because lately ::Exile:: has been one of the main hair brands I find myself throwing on. It is becoming one of my main go to brands, if not the main one. Kavar Cleanslate has produced some particularly gorgeous hairs over the course of his career, and, so far, I would say he is at the peak of his performance to date. This latest release is all mesh and all styles are long styles in this latest release. This round the styles are youthful and even a bit vintage in their feel. So  kind of a combination of new and old. I am wearing this latest release in the pictures below and from left to right the styles are: Prelude, Tonight Tonight, and Satisfaction. (Click on any of the pictures below for a link to a larger version with more detail.)

Prelude - Tonight Tonight - Satisfaction

Prelude - Tonight Tonight - Satisfaction Headshot

That youthful feel which the new hairs from ::Exile:: is what inspired me to combine the hairs with the new Glam Affair skin, called Leah. Leah feels a very different skin than anything Aida Ewing, the creator of Glam Affair, has done before. With 5 skin tones, 22 different lipstick layers, 3 freckle styles, 3  colors each of which gives the option to include the same color hairbase or not, and 13 base makeup skin options (12 makeups and one clean option), you can have pretty much any look you want. I went with a very neutral base makeup skin, –Glam AffairLeah MedTan – 02, which had almost no eye makeup and a very natural lip color, as you can see in the picture of the Exile style called Satisfaction and the beige Maggie Outfit from [ m ]. That picture has no lipstick color or any other form of added tattoo layer makeup. The only make up added to the other two looks are the lipstick. You can see what a huge difference it makes in the look just to add a different lipstick color.

Prelude - Tonight Tonight - Satisfaction Full Body

Prelude - Tonight Tonight - Satisfaction Full Body With M & Vershe

During the process of deciding what to do with the hairs, I had come to the decision that I was just going to do headshots showing just the hairs and the make up and then Magnifico Miggins, the creator for [ m ], sent me a collection of two of her upcoming releases to look over. The first was an adorable, perfect for spring mini dress she calls the Maggie Outfit. When she sent it over she included all of her upcoming color releases – aqua, beige, black, green, grey, pink, and red. Accompanying that outfit collection was her exciting new watch. A chunky, fun, colorful watch, she calls the Miracle Watch. The miracle is the face of this watch which has a subtle rainbow coloring that reminds me of a sclupti map that constantly changes. Mag says that the face will never repeat, that color combinations might be close or similar, but will never be exactly the same at any given time when you look at it. I personally found the watch mesmerizing to watch. LOL I had fun watching the watch – that sounds so funny to me, but it is true, I did.

Now this dress may look as if it has sculpti or mesh attachments to give it that 3D look you see in the pictures, but that isn’t attachments, just really amazing texturing on the part of the creator. The only attachment is a basic prim piece for the skirt that goes between the legs that you are probably all familiar with in other outfits. The outfits were fun and I wanted to show a little bit of their versatility without changing it up too much. When trying things on I paired the dresses with shorts and pants and they worked wonderfully as a top. I also liked adding the Claw Belt from [ m ] which is one of Mag‘s recent releases for kind of a slightly edgier look that better fit the dark lipstick I had put on this version of Leah and the shiny black nails I had on. As far as color coordination, everything just kind of fell into place – the matching hair color accents the matching watches and shoe colors I happened to have and want to display, everything.

Okara Sliders - Le Plateau - Mimi Flats

Shoes: Okara Sliders - Le Plateau - Mimi Flats

Only one thing remained to finish off the three looks before I would be able to head out and hit the town and that was shoes. So I pulled out two new releases from Vershe and an old stand by from [ m ] and the looks were complete and I was ready to hit the town. Now the cute clunky heals that are a new release from Vershe were something that all the members of her group had the option to drop by and pick up the store for FREE, last Friday. Yes, that’s right, I said  those shoes were FREE. Freebie Friday is something Vershe creator, Vershel Iadyl, does for her group. She puts out one never before released item that you do have to hunt for but if you are a member of the group you get it for free when you find it. This happens every week. This past week it was this adorable pair of shoes, and the previous week it was a PHATTY PACK of her new mesh Capri sweatpants she calls LabelWh*re Sweats. Yes a PHATTY PACK, 7 colors, of her never before released item. I have been in groups before that had great free gifts or frequent gifts or both, but never one quite like this. A weekly freebie of a brand new release and other random gifts just because the woman is feeling generous, all as part of a group that there is no fee to join? If you know of a group like this that has such huge benefits to join please share in the comments section because I would really like to maximize my group space. Funny, I remember when we survived on 25 and now 42 just isn’t enough.

Ok so back to the shoes. The adorable Okara sliders were a freebie that is now available for sale. Next is the classic chunky heel pump from [ m ] called Le Plateau Heel. I went with a basic black look with the top part patterned with white birds, a signature look for [ m ]. And finally I added the Vershe Mimi Flats, a new release, in the pattern she calls Dots. It is a cute fresh, summer, feel – perfect for a day of sight seeing or exploring around SL. Vershel would kill me for saying this, but my nicknames for her shoes are the Okra Sliders and the baskin robins shoes. Not sure why that is what comes to mind with the names and the patterns but my mind is just crazy like that sometimes; so if you ever hear me or see me “talking” about these shoes and I call them by the wrong name, you will now know which ones I am talking about.

Speaking of exploring, look out here for upcoming blogs on adventuring. I have scouted out some fun locations and hope to do another adventure sight seeing shoot soon. But for now I am signing off and sending you to the credits, so that if you saw any thing you like you can run out and get it. Everything except the dress and watch are available for purchase, now, and the dress and watch are only about a week away, so run right out and pick up your favorites.

Happy Shopping.

Style Card

Store SLURLs available on the SLURLs page

Worn in all outfits:

Freckles: -Glam Affair – Leah Freckles C (New)*
Eyes: [SLB] Eyes – July’09 – Green R
Lashes: Crissy Designs – Irresistible Look Eyelashes
Nails: *Sexy Mamas* Prim Nails
Watch: [ m ] Miracle Watch (Shown in Baby Blue, Pale, and Black) (Coming soon)*

Worn in Exile – Prelude:

Hair: ::Exile:: Prelude:Chardonnay (New)*
Skin: -Glam Affair – Leah MedTan – 02 BL HB (New)*
Lipstick: -Glam Affair – Leah Lipstick 09 (New)*
Dress: [ m ] – Maggie Outfit aqua (Coming soon)*
Shoes: *VERSHE* – Okara Sliders (New) (free for group members last Friday at Vershe’s Freebie Friday)

Worn in Exile – Tonight Tonight:

Hair: ::Exile::Tonight Tonight:Persimmon (New)*
Skin: -Glam Affair- Leah MedTan – 02 Red HB (New)*
Lipstick: -Glam Affair – Leah Lipstick 22 (New)*
Dress: [ m ] Maggie Outfit green (Coming soon)*
Shoes: [m] [m] Le Plateau Heel Special
Belt: [ m ] Claw Belt special

Worn in Exile – Satisfaction:

Hair: ::Exile::Satisfaction:Moreno (New)*
Skin: -Glam Affair- Leah MedTan – 02 D HB (New)*
Dress: [ m ] Maggie Outfit beige (Coming soon)*
Shoes: *VERSHE* Mimi Flats: Dots (New)*

*Review Copy

Adventures On A Rainy Day

… Primary colors in a Second Life® …

The adventure began, when I saw a friend with the Umbrella from ++NODe++, but I suspect it began even before that. I have been feeling like doing a rainy day piece this entire winter, because we have had a lot of rain where I am from and there have been so many incredible rainy day creations of late in SL. So I decided to go and see the creations of Nyagos Kidd, the creator of ++NODe++, for myself. There I found basically two creations in an amazing variety of colors and patterns and a beautiful and inspired store design. Possessed while there, the mood overcame me and inspired me to look for places to enjoy the rain.

The adventure begins...

The adventure begins...

The first creation was the one I came for, the umbrellas. Which, by the way, come in a huge collection of combinations of 6 designs/colors per umbrella. This bright blue umbrella when considered with the adorable bright yellow galoshes that I got from Stuff In Stock‘s participating store, su . vida, I planned on pairing it with brought to mind a Mondrian painting. Those galoshes came with three pairs – bright pink, electric yellow, and vibrant green – cost me a combined total of 80L. What a steal!

So the thought of a Mondrian painting got me thinking about the adorable black and white coldLogic houndstooth coat dress, called parke.white, that I had been drooling over at March Mesh Madness 2012. That, combined with a Glam Affair skin sporting bright red lips and painting my stock nails from Sexy Mamas a BRIGHT Red, would at least complete the desired color palette and really stand out against the drab rainy day.

Me & My New Umbrella

Me & My New Umbrella

Before setting out, I had to admire the second amazing creation, an adorable pile of pillows, shaped and decorated to look like iPhone app icons. You can get your very own from the gotcha machine on the wall, or just admire the massive pile in the middle of the room. You know I forgot to look and see if there was a Second Life® icon pillow. Regardless, the pillows are bright and colorful and really stand out in the drab (and extremely elaborate and creative environment) of the rainy store.

And As I Looked Into The Dark ... I Knew The Adventure Was Beginning

And As I Looked Into The Dark ... I Knew The Adventure Was Beginning

My favorite rainy sim, Rainy Town, the sim where Cream Shop once had its main store, is sadly gone. So, I was completely at a loss for where to go next. I was, however, inspired by the location. So I called out to one of my favorite groups to find more places of inspirational rain. The group was Fashion Emergency, FE for short, a group of fashion conscious SL residents who help find the obscure and not so obscure in the world of SL Fashion. The help there most often is of a fashion nature, but has been known to be all over the charts. Friendly members rising to offer their two cents and sometimes more is a common occurrence and my quest was no different. So off I went, on my new adventure, singing in my head, “Me & My Umbrella” to the tune of “Me & My Shadow” in some sort of mash up with “Umbrella by Rhianna. I know I am crazy like that. What can I say?

Sweet Lovely Cute was how I was feeling so I stopped there first...

Sweet Lovely Cute was how I was feeling so I stopped there first...

My first stop in my rainy day adventure after leaving ++NODe++ was the Sweet Lovely Cute Sim. While rainy, the sim was a little, too, industrial feeling for my mood. As you can see it is an exceptionally well-done, random-clutter kind of back alley / warehouse feel. Since it wasn’t what I wanted, I didn’t stay long. But never fear! I marked the sim for later exploration and took off to the next of the many suggestions shared by the group. Some were wonderful, but still none were quite what I was looking for, and therefore, I saved them for future adventures. And some were lovely, but too laggy to get a decent picture with all the scenery rezzed. And, of course, I had to play extensively with my new capabilities of shadows and dept of  field, which only added to the difficulties of the experience.

Balance is everything ...

Balance is everything ...

As we spoke of sims we had enjoyed exploring and ones that were no longer part of SL, I remembered a sim based around a devastated coastal town, Innsmouth. Finally, it was my own memories, which took me to the place that finished out my quest and had me playing, exploring, and snapping shots for hours, Innsmouth. The sim is designed to look as if a hurricane has ripped the quaint little town apart. What I didn’t remember was some of the creepy dark things lurking in hidden places in the town, just waiting to be stumbled upon by some unwitting SL resident.

You can't let yourself get swept away ...

You can't let yourself get swept away ...

When I first landed, I must have landed while the hurricane was still in progress, because the skies were dark and stormy and the rain pelted down on my body. I was thankful for the thick fabric of my dress and the sturdy umbrella that I had toted along with me. Boy! Did they came in handy. And those dirt roads would have been unmanageable in my normal high heels. At one point, I was even afraid that I would have to send out an SOS to have someone come pull me loose from the mud. I had that awful suction thing going on and almost lost one of my new boots.

I stayed ...

I stayed ...

In the end I managed to get my self out of my suction predicament, and apparently, I stayed so long that the rain pretty much came to a stop. I began to see signs of light getting brighter, as I walked out of town and on my way back home. I was returning my avi to familiar places of safety, one where I control the environment and the decor. That way i would be able to log out and leave her to rest up from her long and arduous journey around the grid …

And As I Looked Back …

And As I Looked Back ...

And As I Looked Back ...

… Out Came the Sun …

Out Came the Sun

Out Came the Sun

And dried up all the rain. Leaving me to sing Itsy Bitsy Spider, all the way home. On this adventure, I strongly identified with that Itsy Bitsy Spider … I had had my adventure to see the world and when the storms lifted I had achieved my goals and headed home, none the worse for wear.

Upon returning home, I compiled my pictures, saving the best shots to share, and even ended up making a graphic novel type set of them. If you are curious to see the effects, you can check out my Rainy Day Adventures … Graphic Novel Set found here on flickr. For Sim and store information, see below in the style card section. And If you have your own favorite pics of these or any other wonderful rainy locations, please share them in the comments. For some reason, there never seem to be enough good rainy scenes in SL. So please if you know one do share… Happy adventuring until next time.

Style Card

Store SLURLs available on the SLURLs page

Skin: -Glam Affair- Layla Light – L HB 07
Hair: [e] Over – Blonde 02
Eyes: [SLB] Eyes – July’09 – Green R
Eyelashes: Crissy Designs – Irresistible Look Eyelashes, [ glow ] eyelashes – Secret Eyes 01
Nails: *Sexy Mamas* Prim Nails (custom shade) and Reale – Manicure – red (alternated depending on if pose broke the nail AO override)

Coat Dress: coldLogic jacket – parke.white
Galoshes: su . vida – color shock zebra (matt) – Yellow
Umbrella: ++NODe++ – umbrella_v2_NO1

Poses: (marukin) [blossom] sundress (Collabor88), (pda) Marvelous Design (Collabor88), [doll.] Celestia 1 (PLATINUM HUNT), Djinn & Tonic – Designers United 2 – Up & Away Attachment (moved birds out of the way), and poses from my natural AO


NODe+ Store (

Sweet Lovely Cute (

Innsmouth (

I Need Some Relief!

If you haven’t heard a devastating earthquake hit Christchurch, NZ for the second time in 6 months on Tuesday, 22 March, 2011. The quake caused extensive damage to the heart of the city and the death currently stands at 123 with around 200 still missing. So in standard Gracious SL fashion (no pun intended) an ever growing group of our lovely creators have banded together in the Garden City Relief Fundraiser, donating items from which 100% of the proceeds will go directly to the New Zealand Red Cross. The event runs from Saturday, 26 February to Saturday, 5 March and is located here: The three main pieces I am wearing are from there, the dress worn as a top, the pants, and the hair.

What you can do to help:

  1. Help by purchasing items at the fundraiser
  2. Spread the word.
  3. If you’re a blogger….Blog blog blog!!!

If you are a creator and interested in making a donation item, please return this card with your name and the name of your store to Shelly Toonie and she will contact you with further information. Donations can also be made directly to GardenCityRelief Resident or to the New Zealand Red Cross @ Additionally, PUARANGI DESIGNS creator, Hibiscus Flossberg is donating 100% of the proceeds from her store on all purchase until 31 March.

Another participating stores, Elikatira, one of my favorite stores, released a new hairstyle (only available in the Essentials Collection pack) for the Garden City Relief event. This hairstyle is only available at the event (SLURL below). Also, the price of this pack was bumped up slightly to L$300 with 100% of that going toward this charity event.

Event Details:

Dates: Feb 26 – Mar 5
Direct TP:

So really quickly, I would like to talk about the amazing creations I am wearing in this articles. The skin is Susan and it is the new release at Skin Fair from LAQ. SOOOOO pretty and so reasonably priced. The top I am in I am wearing is an adorable sundress from [AddiCt]. Exceptionally well done and totally wearable. I wasn’t crazy about how the mesh does the straps so I put on a cute summery shrug from an outfit I have had for well over a year from Lapointe and Bastchild. My only criticism on this is that it is so old it still has the tint on the prims for old pre-windlight days, and it is no mod so the lacy shoulder pieces are not as white as I would like them to be.  And cute jeans that are part of the Jeans and top outfit from PomPomPom. The top from that package is also really cute and the whole set is only 100L and all goes to charity. The boots were a nice fit for this casual, fun look. They are from DECO and a steal at 50L for Fifty linden Fridays. As for the hair you already got the scoop on that.

Be sure to go procure some wonderful finds and throw some money at a worthy cause. You have until March 5th, but why wait?

-Style Card

Relief Items (all found at

Hair: [elikatira] – [e] Alright – Essentials pack – 300L – 100% goes to charity
Sundress worn as a top: -[AddiCt]-IN.Bloom Dress/Peach – 150L – 100% goes to charity
Jeans: PomPomPom – Heart You Jeans 3 from the Heart You Jeans & Top Pack – 100L – 100% goes to charity

Special Location Items (New Skin Fair Release):

Skin: LAQ ~ Susan [Nougat] Glow skin (10-pack) from skin fair – Susan 01 [Nougat] Glow skin (hairbase) L$1,990 –

Items with normal purchase locations (found on

Shrug: From the Lapointe & Bastchild – “White Angel” Womens Full Set
Socks: Maitreya – Scrunched PrimSocks * Fatpack
Boots: *DECO – Trail Boots – White* (50L Fridays)
Eyes: [SLB] Eyes – July’09 – Green R
Lashes: Crissy Designs – Irresistible Look Eyelashes
Nails: *Sexy Mamas* – Manicure – Sculpted Prim Nails

Pose: fri. – model.pose 10

Remember, Remember the 5th of November!

Happy Guy Fawkes Day!

Remember, remember the Fifth of November, The Gunpowder Treason and Plot,

Remember, remember the 5h of November, The Gunpowder Treason and Plot

Remember, remember the Fifth of November,
The Gunpowder Treason and Plot,
I know of no reason
Why the Gunpowder Treason
Should ever be forgot.
Guy Fawkes, Guy Fawkes, t’was his intent
To blow up the King and Parliament.
Three-score barrels of powder below
To prove old England’s overthrow;
By God’s providence he was catch’d (or by God’s mercy)
With a dark lantern and burning match.
Holloa boys, holloa boys, let the bells ring. (Holla)
Holloa boys, holloa boys, God save the Queen!

Remember, remember the fifth of November
Gunpowder, treason and plot.
I see no reason, why gunpowder treason
Should ever be forgot.

Remember, remember, the fifth of November,
Gunpowder, treason and plot!
A stick or a stake for King James’ sake
Will you please to give us a fagot
If you can’t give us one, we’ll take two;
The better for us and the worse for you!

Guy, guy, guy
Poke him in the eye,
Put him on the bonfire,
And there let him die.

Remember, remember the fifth of November
It’s Gunpowder Plot, we never forgot
Put your hand in your pocket and pull out your purse
A ha’penny or a penny will do you no harm
Who’s that knocking at the window?
Who’s that knocking at the door?
It’s little Mary Ann with a candle in her hand
And she’s going down the cellar for some coal.

Guy Fawkes Night is a British Holiday marking the downfall of the Gunpowder Plot of November 5, 1605 and is celebrated for several days in Britain and many of its former colonies culminating on the evening of 5 November. The Gunpowder Plot was plan in which a number of Catholic conspirators, including Guy Fawkes, attempted to blow up the Houses of Parliament, in London, United Kingdom. The plan was to displace Protestant leadership by blowing up the Houses of Parliament while King James I and the entire Protestant aristocracy and nobility were inside. Ironically they weren’t the only ones as most of the Catholic aristocracy and nobility were inside as well. The rebels still felt that this was “a necessary reaction to the systematic discrimination against English Catholics.” The original celebration was to celebrate the King’s escape from assassination and was symbolized through the lighting of bonfires to this ends. But the event has evolved into an event, which most trying to describe it to Americans will say that it is like Halloween but that there are fireworks and children beg for pennies for the guy instead of treats, and much like Halloween there is an implied threat for failure to give pennies.

So to all my fellow Second Life Residents for whom this is a reason to celebrate and all those who seek social and economic change through protest, I hope you have a wonderful Fifth of November. I will be thinking of you and wishing you well. I do find it amusing that in the popular world it has come to symbolize protest when in its original form it was a day that celebrated the squashing of resistance and alternative opinions and the survival of the status quo. I can say that I am glad the most widely spread forms of protest seem to have migrated to a much less violent form of protest, at least in the case of Second Life Residents. Please don’t stop using your two most valuable and powerful weapons in exacting change, your mind and your voice.

I would also like to remind you that the fifth of November is also significant to all women in the US who enjoy the right of suffrage…

…and all those who support the right of women to vote. It was on this date that Susan B. Anthony was fined for attempting to cast a vote for incumbent presidential candidate Ulysses S. Grant. The fine was for $100, a remarkable sum for the day, and fortunately she never paid. To see some more significant historical events from the fifth of November check out the Chicago Tribunes Story on this day in history:,0,7831049.story

Information source:

Shaken Not Stirred

That’s right! I take my martini just like Bond, James Bond. Shaken not stirred, with a twist of lemon. But for those of you who like yours dirty, I can do that, too. All this thanks to delicate skins, great dresses, and incredible accessories from 5th&Oxford.

Aisling & Kaarl enjoy their martinis shaken not stirred

Aisling & Kaarl enjoy their martini's shaken not stirred

Roslin Petion and CJ Carnot from 5th&Oxford have out done themselves with their Summer Cocktails Collection, which frankly isn’t limited to summer at all. It is really exciting to see a designer or team of designers in this case go all out with a theme. Staring with the skin… and finishing with not just the attached accessories but the actual environment accessories.

The Skin:

5th&Oxford Summer Cocktail Mini Dress In All Colors

5th&Oxford Summer Cocktail Audrey Skin 5 in Medium

Summer Cocktail Audrey is the name of the skin and the one shown here is Summer Cocktail Audrey 5 Medium Black. The skins, overall, have a very delicate makeup with the most striking change coming in the lipstick shade. One might even call the over all skin makeups refreshing since we are talking of summer cocktails. There are many options in the lighter lip colors (6 makeups in all) and there are three skin tones available to choose from – Fair, Medium & Tan – plus the full range of brow colors so anyone can wear these. For my photos, I have chosen the darkest red lip color (5) of the collection, because I want something luscious and lickable that any bond girl would be proud to wear. I paired that with the medium skin tone and brow brows. For me this was the most natural and comfortable choice, because this is closest to the shade I normally wear. Really pleased with the result particularly in photographs. All my photos are taken in the standard windlight settings and the only editing is in cropping to combine them into a single shot.

The Outfits:

5th&Oxford Summer Cocktail Mini Dress In All Colors

The Summer Cocktail Mini Dress is cute but not my favorite of the two… For the girl who likes to show more skin it is perfect,and the tops look GREAT combined with summer casual shorts or jeans. My favorite pair of jeans to pair the top with is the jeweled jeans from Zaara. This piece is easy for someone with little experience with editing prim clothing because there is only one prim piece and it is the simple one for the skirt – very easy to work with. Another perfect pairing for both this dress and the second one are the Empress High Heels from Kalnins. The heels are color changing and there is a perfect color match for each of the 6 jewel like colors in which the dresses come – Red Crush, Cosmo (Vibrant Pink), Purple Haze, Blue Lagoon, Appletini (Green), and Cheeky Monkey (Yellow) .

5th&Oxford Summer Cocktail Dress In All Colors - Click on pic for details

5th&Oxford Summer Cocktail Dress In All Colors - Click on pic for details

This second dress is my favorite of the two; the Summer Cocktail Dress. It is a bit more modest … a bit more versatile … has a surprisingly well done linden skirt … comes in all the same great colors and has only three relatively easy to fit prim attachments. I felt more comfortable next to a man in a white dinner jacket in this one than I did in the less covered Mini Cocktail Dress. The same shoes matched perfectly because the colors are identical to the Mini Cocktail Dress, and the top portion once again goes great with jeans, summer casual shorts, or even slacks. LeLutka’s Olimpia Pants, particularly in black, go great with the top half of this this dress.

The Bar:

Shaken Not Stirred Cocktail Party

Shaken Not Stirred Cocktail Party

Who can have a cocktail party with out the perfect bar. Not me! Good thing that Roslin & CJ didn’t miss a thing. They have come up with this stylish retro bar that completely works with contemporary designs as well. They have made it color change to match the colors of the dress, both on the front of the bar and the stools (see first article picture for the front view of the bar and bar stools). My hat is tipped to them because they really did think of every thing needed for the perfect Cocktail Bar For the perfect Summer Cocktail Party.

Shaken Not Stirred Cocktail Party - Pic shows the accessories on the bar

Shaken Not Stirred Cocktail Party - Pic shows the accessories on the bar

They have provided drink glasses both full and empty; martinis and highballs. The bar is stocked with empty glasses for that authentic feel and they have provided a shaker to the bar owner that actually shakes up your cocktails, just the way that I like them. When I say shakes it up, I mean it really shakes and makes noise and when you are done shaking, it lets you hand out the drinks to your guests. When you or your guest wear one of the glasses it has really well done drinking animations and the glass actually drains down and tells you when you need another round. Our photo shoot was taking so long that I decided to set out extra martinis waiting in the wings for Kaarl (also provided in the set) so he didn’t go thirsty while I was busy taking the pictures. I even set out a highball for myself, because I knew that it was going to be a long night.

The War:

Kaarl, My 007, in the Columbian Tux from Blaze, the Top in White and Bottom in Black

Kaarl, My 007, in the Columbian Tux from Blaze, the Top in White and Bottom in Black

When we were all done with the party I handed out the extra soda syphons provided in the kit and we let 007 (Double Oh Seven), a.k.a. Kaarl, practice his kill shots and take advantage of his license to kill. Yes, that is right, the syphons provided with soda water can be used as weapons; however, I refuse to show you the wet dog photos that resulted after Kaarl doused me like I was entering a wet t-shirt contest and the man with the license to kill that he is. Thank God that the soda syphons have limited sprays (if you take them off and wear them again though they recharge) so he eventually had to stop dousing me. And no, I did not enlighten him as to how you refill the soda. LOL. I am not crazy. At least not when it comes to that, I am crazy about every thing in this Summer Cocktail Party set.

This entire set has inspired a lovely Martini Glass Pose Set and Accessories like nothing I have seen in world yet. I will be blogging this tempting treat from oOo Studios when I return from vacation in the tail end of September. This is where the dirty martini comes into play. 😀