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Great Article that just had to be shared. I just wish I had seen it two months ago when it was originally written.

Personally, I haven’t blogged in forever. In part, because my RL has become very busy and thankfully very fulfilling. In part, because I had become so discouraged with SL life in general – drama between creators, increases in theft of creative content, LL rules which hindered creators and residents in general, and finally everywhere I turned someone was calling them self a blogger and so many were just completely disappointing quality or not providing any details or information about products that I could use to support talented creators.

Being a blogger was amazingly time consuming when doing it right. Sometimes posts took me as much as a couple of weeks to do the way I wanted and include all the details. I have overwhelming respect for bloggers who not only blog thoroughly but blog regularly. Thanks to all of you who fit this category. And finally thanks to Sasy, both for writing this blog and saying what needed to be said for a long time and for being one of my idols / role models / friends / inspiration.

Sasy, you are BLOCONIC – that is an iconic blogger. You set the standard for any new blogger to aspire to be. I don’t know what I would do, if you ever decide to retire. Hopefully, I never have to find out. Thanks for inspiring me. Maybe I will return to blogging; maybe I won’t. In any case, when or if I do, I will do my best to remember all your wise words of wisdom when sharing my pieces with my readers.


Blogger Blogga Bloggrrr

EDIT: This rant is specifically focused on Fashion Blogging

In the 8 years I have been an Second Life Resident, only a few months of that time was I not blogging. I didn’t start out Fashion Blogging right away, I actually didn’t know that existed as a thing until I was already in world 4 months, but I was blogging pretty regularly on my own blog. Then I discovered ‘Appearance Mode” I have told this story a few times, and how I had so much inventory from shopping everyday and working, that I started blogging daily.

If you think I am wordy now, there are older residents that can attest that how I blog now is barely a blurb by comparison. I loved it, was incredibly passionate about it, and looked at it as a way to contribute to this amazing community.

This post is a rant, a big one…

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41 – 150


This is my 150th post as a blogger of SecondLife®. It just happened to coincide with my recently turning 41. Strange that I have been blogging as long as I have. It started just to see if I could do it, and what a wonderful hobby has it been! I am grateful for all the wonderful people and experiences that blogging has brought into my life. I decided to keep this blog post short and sweet, like the sculpti cupcake dangling from my mouth that was a birthday gift from a friend.

41-150 In The Wilderness

After cupcakes we went and played on one of the most beautiful sandboxes I have ever experienced. We were both tickled because, though you won’t see it in the pictures thanks to derendering, the sim was populated with four-wheeling, off-roading Furries. Lucky it was a sandbox, because it meant I could one of the new poses I had splurged on at Glitterati for a photo op at this lovely setting. We took the first photo we have ever taken together in the 2.5 years we have known each other and called it a night.

41-150 In The Wilderness (5x4)

Looking back, it was a lovely end to a lovely birthday, and it has been an amazing life so far and a wonderful 150 posts. Thank you for my blessings and here’s to 150 more posts.


Style Card

Store SLURLs available on the SLURLs page

On Ais:

Skin: [Ill] Illusory Skin – Paige_Milk – Soft Touch (cleavage) – by Crushed Clarity
Lipstick: -Glam Affair – Leah Lipstick 09 – by Aida Ewing
Hair: ::Exile:: – Rumour has it (Rouge) – by Kavar Cleanslate
Eyes: [SLB] Eyes – July’09 – Green R – by SLB Wirefly
Eyelashes: Crissy Designs – Irresistible Look Eyelashes – by Cristina Sugita
Mouth Toy: VD cupcake (on mouth) (gift so no idea the store but the creator is huuu)
Top: coldLogic top – segel (blue) – by coldLogic
Skirt: coldLogic – skirt – hemlock (khaki) – by coldLogic
Shoes: Maitreya Gold – Shanti (Nude) – by Onyx LeShelle
Nails: *Sexy Mamas* – Prim Nails – by Tigerlily Hyun

Location: Blue Galaxy Sandbox – Caisteal

Poses: Glitterati – Beauty Series – by Katey Coppola

Keep Calm and Keep Shopping

DON’T Step Away from those adorable new items…

keep calm and keep shopping

Keep Calm and Keep Shopping May 14th to May 28th

The Keep Calm and Keep Shopping event is a two week event featuring some of the most fantastic stores in Second Life! They’ll have a wide range of stores including furniture, apparel, animations, houses etc. All participating stores will have one (or more) brand new, exclusive, never to be sold again item(s) placed in their stores. You know what that means … no extra laggy event locations. The items will be spread out all over and you will be able to experience the stores in their entirety not just a sample of their wares.

This not a discount event, items will be full price. It’s also not a charity event, all the money will go straight to the designers. It’s just an event with some amazing creations.

The idea behind this is exposure and exclusive items, because the creators of the event feel we need more events that are aimed purely at Second Life designers. The money they earn goes towards creating new and amazing items for us (the consumers of SL), paying land rent/ tier, and for some even helps cover their real life bills. It’s time to say thank you to all the fabulous creators that make Second Life the way it is today, they don’t get thanked enough!

The event runs from May 14th until May 28th. All participating stores will be listed on the blog along with their slurls. There’s an inworld group for shoppers and a separate one for designers and bloggers! For more info, rules, links to applications and all other information please check the website! Bloggers and Designers get your applications in NOW! And everyone else get ready for some amazing, once in a Second Life opportunities.

Thank you for reading and we now return you to your regularly scheduled reading and shopping tasks.

Energy’s Club 2 Year Aniversary Free For All

Free *VERSHE* skin and several other great freebies to be had. Up now and will be up for a couple days. So don’t wait … you don’t want to miss out. You can find them at the Energy Club. While you are there enjoy the club. It has been around for 2 years … which in SL is a loooong time for a club to stick around. So don’t take my word for it, let the track record speak for itself, they must be doing something right.

Energies Anniversary Mash Up Set

You have to be a member of the Energy Club group in order to get the gifts but if you can spare a group slot they are worth it. Below is the start of the wall of freebies and it extends down with clothing, shoes, tattoos, and more.

Energies Club Entrance to the Group Freebies

Energies Club Entrance to the Group Freebies

Style Card

Store SLURLs available on the SLURLs page

Skin: *VERSHE* Energies Skin (Exclusive)
Cleavage: *VERSHE* Cleavage (Tan)
Hair: *Alice Project Hair* Maria (Hair Fair 2011 LE Pack)
Eyes: [SLB] Eyes – July’09 – Green R
Eyelashes: **Irresistible Look Eyelashes**-Crissy Designs
Nails: *Sexy Mamas* Prim Nails
Shirt: [ 2byte ] Art of Escher denim shirts ( Cornflower blue ) (Epoch – Escher event)
Leggings with boots: Maitreya MCEHT Legging (Epoch – Escher event)

You Can Get Fresh With Me

The Fresh Unknown Hunt started Midday, Thursday, March 1st 2012. This hunt is all about new creators and stores putting themselves out there. All the stores in this event opened after November, , 2011. The hunt items only cost 1L each and there are quite a few good gifts in the mix. Items aren’t just limited to women’s fashion. There are items for men and women’s appearances as well as furniture and poses and more. Care to join in the fun? The start location is at the store Sleeping Koala that is the store of none other than this hunts founder, Evelyn Hartshon. You are looking for spring flowers .They are 4 different colors and shaped like the blue one below.



All hunt problems will be posted on for hunters to see along with the hunt hints. Evelyn Hartshon is the organizer, Auguste Finistair is assistant organizer and helpers are Jamease Lefevre, Julliette Bergan, EmmiRose Daffyd. They ask that, if there are any issues with the hunt, you should contact one of them, not the store owners.

Fresh Unknown Hunt Outfit 1 Composite 1

There are some great new creators out there on the grid and this hunt highlights a few. It is small and manageable. With only 35 stores actively participating in the hunt, it is completely manageable in just 2 or 3 hours of hunting or less. And there are some wonderful prizes to be had. The core outfit above are all hunt gifts: the shoes, the jeans, the undershirt, and the top shirt. And they are only part of the items that you get for just 1L. For example, #22. coldLogic includes 3 colors of their top, There are full outfits included by #34. Kawaii Desu (pants) and #7. Nachtigall (undershirt).

Fresh Unknown Hunt Outfit 1 Shoes

You get two different pairs of shoes (Tamale, shown, and Big Mac) from #3. VERSHE in her package, along with a color change HUD to change a couple of areas on the shoes to make them go with more items or add your own personal style stamp. The skin I am wearing here is also from #3. VERSHE  but not a hunt gift. It is the newest skin release from #3. VERSHE‘s creator, Vershel Iadyl. She is also participating in several other activities on the grid and if you check around at her store while you are there you can find two more hunt gifts, one of which is a prior skin release.

Fresh Unknown Hunt Outfit 2 Composite Wide

Some days blogging and even inventory sorting really wears me out and I don’t feel like getting dressed. Other days when I get home from a long day out and about dealing with responsibilities the only thing I want to do is get comfortable. So it isn’t uncommon for me to end up looking much like my avatar does in the picture above. Simple make up like the one on the skin from #7. Nachtigall, simple shorts and a bra (the ones here from #8. Cannibelle) or possibly an undershirt like the one in the first outfit, and if I have to wear shoes it tends to be simple flats like the ones in the hunt item #34. from Kawaii Desu since I have often wore heels all day long. I used one of the poses from this hunt, the one from #4. just a hunch, for one of the poses (2nd from the left) and the rest came from my AO, which I also did for the picture below showcasing the third outfit I assembled from hunt items.

Fresh Unknown Hunt Outfit 3 and Poses

I had to do something fun with the pose from #5. Lit.:. Poses & More because the creator, Ramus Overlord, had one of the most touching and funny notecards to bloggers…. so much so I actually read it outloud to another creator. We started joking around about the pose because I was trying out both poses and I commented that with this pose and a fixed camera I could easily combine two pictures of my own avatar pouncing on my own avatar. I think it was so late at night when it came up that the uncontrollable laughter was punch drunkenness, but had fun doing it as much as if I were a kid playing in leaves. The top I am wearing is is from #17. Creamsicle and is actually designed for men but I didn’t think it looked bad on a female avatar and it went well with the leggings from hunt sponsor, #1. Sleeping Koala. And even though I have used photoshop elements to get all the versions of my avatar in the same picture the #02.Background Check background was on the snaps when they were taken in world. The flooring is even a little modified version of the background. #02.Background Check provides 12 full perm textures in their gift with 4 different setting variations with various color changes.

I have only show some of the cute clothes, skins, shoes, and poses from the hunt but should also point out that there are some great builds such as furniture and skyboxes as well. I hope to be able to show a few of these at a later time either in this blog or in my flickr stream. You have until the end of the month to take advantage of the generosity of these new creators, and I encourage you to do just that.

Style Card

For all SLURLs not associated with this hunt check the SLURLs page

Fresh Unknown Hunt Outfit 1:

Skin: *VERSHE* Andrea Olive: Aruba (Brunette) (New Release)*
Hair: [Shag] – Your Wish – mystic (NEW)
2011 HairFair – Hairbase: Brown  by Exile
Eyes: [SLB] Eyes – July’09 – Green R
Eyelashes: Crissy Designs – Irresistible Look Eyelashes, [ glow ] Studio – [ glow ] eyelashes – Secret Eyes 01
Pants: KawaiiPanda – Unisex Pants (Fresh Unknown #34. Kawaii Desu Hint: I’m where the “flower” blooms)*
Shoes: *VERSHE* Clunkers Shoe: Tamale (Fresh Unknown #3. VERSHE Hint: All of my models are angels, but one sneaky angel is hiding something under her Halo…)*
Undershirt: ND Basic Top brown (Fresh Unknown #7. Nachtigall Hint: she love flowers)*
Shirt: coldLogic top – (Fresh Unknown #22. coldLogic Hint: Hair)
Nose Piercing: basic piercing

Fresh Unknown Hunt Outfit 2:

Skin: Nachtigall Skin sun make up 1 nougat (Fresh Unknown #7. Nachtigall Hint: she love flowers)*
Hair: [Shag] – Your Wish – mystic (NEW)
2011 HairFair – Hairbase: Brown  by Exile
Eyes: [SLB] Eyes – July’09 – Green R
Eyelashes: Crissy Designs – Irresistible Look Eyelashes, [ glow ] Studio – [ glow ] eyelashes – Secret Eyes 01
Bra: ~Cannibelle~ Claudine Lingerie – Teal (Fresh Unknown #8. Cannibelle Hint: Clear thinkers see it, the lost wish to be guided by it, Madonna is quicker than it and Belinda wants you to leave it on)*
Boxers: ~Cannibelle~ Mr. Butler – Teal (Fresh Unknown #8. Cannibelle Hint: Clear thinkers see it, the lost wish to be guided by it, Madonna is quicker than it and Belinda wants you to leave it on)*
Flats: KawaiiPanda – ShoeFlat (Fresh Unknown #34. Kawaii Desu Hint: I’m where the “flower” blooms)*
Nose Piercing: basic piercing

Pose: .jaH – hold (Fresh Unknown #4. just a hunch Hint: The window opens at the top)*

Fresh Unknown Hunt Outfit 3:

Skin: *VERSHE* Andrea Olive: Aruba (Brunette) (New Release)*
Hair: [Shag] – Your Wish – mystic (NEW)
2011 HairFair – Hairbase: Brown  by Exile
Eyes: [SLB] Eyes – July’09 – Green R
Eyelashes: Crissy Designs – Irresistible Look Eyelashes, [ glow ] Studio – [ glow ] eyelashes – Secret Eyes 01
Shirt: *Creamsicle* Men’s Shirt (Fresh Unknown #17. Creamsicle Hint: The flower accents this purple dress as it sits on the shoulder with oval designs.)*
Pants: [Sleeping Koala] – Strappy Bandage Leggings [Fruiti] (Fresh Unknown #1. Sleeping Koala Hint: The old fashioned way to do the laundry)*
Flats: KawaiiPanda – ShoeFlat (Fresh Unknown #34. Kawaii Desu Hint: I’m where the “flower” blooms)*
Nose Piercing: basic piercing

Pose: Lit .:. Poses & More – Friends – Leaf Flop (No Alpha) (Fresh Unknown #5. Lit.:. Poses & More Hint: Someones creep’in up on you!)*

Background texture: Background Check – BCK_HUNT017_The UnKnown_MR12_12 (Fresh Unknown #02.Background Check Hint: In the shamrock)*

* Blogger Review Copy

Vintage Fair 2011 Outfit Post 9

Vintage Fair Landing Points

Vintage Fair ‘Classic’ Landing Point

Vintage Fair ‘Retro’ Landing Point

Purple Moon & Donna Flora Composite 1 Vintage

Style Card

Skin: Heartsick – HS : Vintage : Aura : Monroe (C / NB) – Vintage Fair Item
Makeup: Heartsick – HS : Teeth, Vintage Eyebrows : Dark Brown, Vamp Lips & Cats Eyeliner long – Vintage Fair Items
Eye Lashes: Crissy Designs – Irresistible Look Eyelashes
Eyes: [SLB] Eyes – July’09 – Green R
Hair: Donna FLora – CATERINE hair black – Vintage Fair Item

Dress: Purple Moon – :: PM :: Donna Dress in Pink – Vintage Collection – Vintage Fair Item
Shoes: DNR Vintage Vivian Pumps – Black – Vintage Fair Item (free gift)
Jewelry: (Caroline’s Jewelry) Simple Pearl Jewelry Set in W/G – Vintage Fair Item

Poses: oOo legends_veronica_freebie, oOo lulu_one, oOo ziegfelds_one, oOo 1960s_freebie, oOo jean _eight, oOo jean_one, oOo legends_bette_freebie, oOo legends_greta – Vintage Fair Items
Elisa I Love Skirts2

Purple Moon & Donna Flora Composite Vinette Vintage

Another perfect choice for jewelry was just out out of reach for me. I failed to pick the following up while I was at the fair and it would have also been such a perfect combination.

Eclectica Would Be a Nice Match

Vintage Fair 2011 Outfit Post 7

Vintage Fair Landing Points

Vintage Fair ‘Classic’ Landing Point

Vintage Fair ‘Retro’ Landing Point

Mad Icing Composite 1

Style Card

Skin: Boho Beauty. Sloan – Sunny – OO – Vintage – Vintage Fair Item
Mole: – Mole 1 – Vintage Fair Item
Hair: .::MADesigns HAIR::. ~ TOSCA ~ Black III – Vintage Fair Item
Hairbase: Plume Hairbase Onyx – Vintage Fair Item
Eyes: [SLB] Eyes – July’09 – Green R
Eyelashes: Crissy Designs – Irresistible Look Eyelashes

Dress: *ICING* Just Swing – Peacock – Vintage Fair Item
Hat: *ICING* Veiled Rose hat – Black – Vintage Fair Item
Necklace: (Caroline’s Jewelry) Audrey Pearl Necklace in White-Silver – Vintage Fair Item
Shoes: NX-Nardcotix Edna Platform Pump – Black – Vintage Fair Item

Poses: Miamai_Model Pose_Editorial 05, 08 – Vintage Fair Item
Elisa Glamour3, Glamour2, I Love Skirts5

Mad Icing Composite 2