Summer Fashion Festival

Summer Fashion Festival

Summer Fashion Festival

ArisAris Sim is organizing their first event, the “Summer Fashion Festival”, for June 8th to 24th, 2012. The event plans to showcase a sample of products from a variety of stores. The organizers from the festival are: Ariadna Garrigus, Moonshine Allerhand, Rams3s Kirax and Derek Altneu, Dagda Bumer and Estrellita Gagliano, and they plan to have all an avenue with an stand for each designer (hoping for approximately 100 stores) showcasing one creation exclusive to the event.

The theme for the event is “summer fashion,” but it doesn’t mean bikinis and swimsuits. The aim is to show a design from each store that  highlights the the style of the store in the theme of the summer. Stores wishing to participate can still apply on the event blog: In addition to the items for sale, organizers and some of the participating stores will provide some freebies and gifts, too.

Below is a list of stores already signed up for the festival:

Rams Tattoo
Chop Zuey
My Precious
I ❤ Fashion

With new stores being added every day, check  here for updates to the above list:

I encourage you to check out this event as it promises to have some wonderful surprises.


Event ad picture by Suvi Breil.